Find the GPS coordinates of the Silvey Cemetery on this map.

We see above the cemetery with the white stones protruding skyward. The cemetery is enclosed by a tall chain link fence. The property labeled Leeman Ferry Rd SW is now the property of the Huntsville landfill. Offices and entrance are right there in view of the cemetery. Lying to the east is the John Hunt Park, a recreational facility with ball fields and a running park. The cemetery is actually on John Hunt Park property accessible only from that side of the fence.

LOCATION: Section 13, Range 45, Township R1W, SW SW SW SW. 
DIRECTIONS - 1980: This cemetery was located off the north/south runway of the old Huntsville Airport, west of South Memorial Parkway. At that time the property belongs to the City of Huntsville and was posted, but the cemetery was abandoned for many years prior to that. 
DIRECTIONS - 2010: The directions are different due to changes in roads and development.  Go I-65 north from Birmingham and Exit on I-565 to Huntsville and go right or exit southeast on Bob Wallace Avenue. Turn right or south on Leeman Ferry Road and turn east or left on Airport Road then turn right into the John Hunt Park into the new ball fields & Huntsville Running Park. Park your vehicle in the parking lot of the Ball Fields. Look (across the ball fields) in the westerly direction for a giant Pin Oak Tree in the southeast corner of the cemetery and a Dark Green Cedar tree on the north east corner. Go toward the center of the trees to the backside of the ball fields. The cemetery is on the John Hunt Park property but adjacent to the Land Fill Offices and entrance buildings as partly shown on the aerial view above. The cemetery will be enclosed in a chain link fence with prison style barb wire top and a latch style gate. The walk to the cemetery is about 400 yards from the parking lot depending on where you park. Please keep the gate closed during and after your viewing. The Parks and recreation of Huntsville maintain this historic relic. Please visit this cemetery for no other reason than to pay your respects to the historic persons interred there.
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