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Mapping the location

Area Views of the Cemetery: 6469/6479/6480

MASON, Elizabeth, Oct 22, 1825 - Aug 22, 1878.  (not found in this survey)
MILLER, Mary S., Mary S. Miller Was born August 24, 1777 and died July 6, 1854 in her 77th year. 4737C/4737/4741
RICE. Sophie, Aug 25, 1885 - Oct 18, 1918. (not found in this survey)
ROUNDTREE, Helen, Wife of J. G. Roundtree. 1861 - 1942. 4688/4695/6471/6470

Note: The following eight inscriptions are all on one large, obelisk marker. There are two inscriptions on each side The side 4 facing the ground could be not read as it was too heavy to move.
Side 1:
ROWE, William, Sep 1, 1792 - Jun 4, 1876. 4697C/4697/4700
ROWE, Elizabeth Mason, Oct 22, 1825 - Aug 22, 1878. 4697C/4697/4700
Side 2:
ROWE Nancy, Wife of William Rowe, Jul 19, 1806 - Jan 17, 1875. (William Rowe married Nancy A. Gooch on Jun 10, 1834.) 4699C/4699/4700
ROWE, Elizabeth, July 12, 1798 - Jan. 8, 1875.  4699C/4699/4700
Side 3:
ROWE, John Wesley, Sep 4, 1845 - Aug, 1862. 4702C/4703/4707
ROWE, W. G., Jan 4, 1841 - Oct 4, 1900. 4702C/4703/4707
Side 4:
ROWE, Catherine, Catharine Miller, wife of William Rowe, born June 20, 1803 - died in 1832. (William Rowe & Catharine Miller were married Sept. 10, 1819; 4721C/4721/4724/4708
ROWE, Thomas Benton, Aug 5, 1838 - Aug 12, 1850. 4721C/4721/4724/4708

ROWE, Margaret A., Daughter of N. M. & C. A. Rowe, Died Aug 15, 1883, aged 4 years, 6 mo. and 7 days. (not found in this survey)
TONEY, Margaret, no dates,
Note: On the back side of Mary S. Miller's stone was this inscription: My mothers grave - Margaret Toney. 4738C/4738/4739
WATKINS, William W., Aug 11, 1809 - Jan 21, 1887. Mason. 4689/4695/4731
WATKINS, E. Edwin, Mar 29, 1864 - Aug 22, 1887. 4690/6472/6470/4695/4731
WATKINS, Martha ROWE, - 1830 - 1905. Stone forced against a very large tree. 4727/4692C/4692/4693
WATKINS, C. E. - (No other info.)  (not found in this survey)
WATKINS, Carrie HATTON, 1859 - 1924.  (not found in this survey)

Federal Census, Nov. 12, 1850:
Miller, Joseph (73) S. C.
Miller, Mary S. (73) S. C
Miller, Mary F. (16) Ala.

Large rough-hewn limestone slab, about 6' X 10' X 8" thick was found covering grave(s) in the center of the cemetery. It is mounted about 1 1/2 feet above ground fixed on a rough hewn stone base. Some of the base stones have fallen away but the top is still standing. There is found next to this a slab about 2' & 2' with no inscription and a obelisk beside that. The inscribed part of the Obelisk is broken off. I think the Obelisk was mounted on the small 2' x 2'  base and all that sat upon the big 10' base: 4742/4718/4710/6473/6479
Parts of Monuments with no inscription: 6474/6475/6476/6477
Ground hog, Fox or perhaps an Armadillo den: 6478

The large fallen Row family Obelisk with 8 inscriptions was lying in five parts on the ground. The mid section with the inscription was lying on one of side with the side 4 inscription face down and unreadable. It was standing in the 1960s when Dorothy Johnson was there.

I did see scant evidence of other stones. I was unaware this cemetery included so many graves when I visited here. I should be less spontaneous. It is therefore necessary that I return another time and look for the missing monuments. All the graves were covered with dense vines and brush that made it difficult to locate them.

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 18 Sep 2012 using photos dated 22 Apr 2011 by C. Wayne Austin & Dorothy Johnson's book Madison County Cemeteries Vol 1. Added here 18 Sep 2012. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries, Vol 1, page 305 by the Dorothy Johnson. It is not listed on except I added two listings. Visited again 23 Sep 2012 (Photo series 46XX) to find the missing monuments as best as I could.