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PIKE-SANDERSON CEMETERY, (Balch Rd near the junction of Balch and Hwy 72), MADISON COUNTY ALABAMA

This topographical map combined with the TOPOZONE mapping data shows the GPS of the Pike-Sanderson Cemetery.

Go west on Hwy 72 past Madison and turn north on Balch Road. Travel Balch Road about 400 yards and the cemetery entrance is on the left. You will see the cattle gate with the sign on it. There is a gravel road up to the cemetery about 200 yards west. Fletcher Cemetery an African American Cemetery is about 300 yards southwest of this cemetery.

The yellow pointer denotes the location of the cemetery on the west side of Balch Road. It is under a grove of trees.
Maps from Google & MS Streets 2005 modified for this site by C. Wayne Austin 18 Dec 2009.