PETTUS CEMETERY, (N. of Pettus Road in a grove of trees just W. of a subdivision), MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA
Mapping the location
Area views of the cemetery: 4158/4159/4160/4161/4162

ALLEN, Massie U., 7 May 1868 - 21 Oct 1892. 4138/4157
EASTER, Martha J.(Pettus),  15 Jan 1843 -20 Sep  1869. Only found the footstone. 4156
PETTUS, Thomas W., 13 May 1815 - 7 Aug 1870. top off headstone broken & also missing. 4144/4146/4147
PETTUS, Mary A. C., 2 Jan 1815 -  20 Mar 1892. Missing the top of the stone. 4142/4143 
PETTUS, Elizabeth S., 30 Mar 1852 - 17 Dec 1854, daughter of T. W. & M. A. C. Pettus. 4155
PETTUS, Seleine, 10 may 1854 - 21 Jun 1854, daughter of T. W. & M. A. C. Pettus. 4154 
PETTUS, Catherine J., 29, Mar 1855 - 26 Nov 1857, daughter of T. W. & M. A. C. Pettus. 4152/4153 
PETTUS, Etheldred L.,  25 Jun 1850 - 10 May 1866, married Allie A. Vaughn 9 Jun 1874. 4140/4141/4139 
THOMPSON,  Infant daughter of J. H. & W. D. Thompson, died 4 Feb 1882, "Our loved one at rest". 
Stone not found. 4158
THOMPSON, William Robadore, Died 9  Oct 1879, aged 1 yr, 1 mo, 12 days, "Our love Robadore at Rest".* 4148/4149
Footstone E.L.P.:4139
Unknown tombstone: missing top perhaps Thomas W. Pettus: 4151/4145/4150

*Note: Next to this grave is an adult size "sink" which maybe the grave of the father of these Thompson children, 
James Henry Thompson who died in 1901.  There is no marker at this grave.  Mrs. Richard Gilliam has in her possession 
a letter dated October 30, 1880 and written by Mary Susannah Garvin Thompson, the children's grandmother.  
The letter states that William Robadore died Oct 9, 1880 and that her own mother (Eveline Haws Garvin) died 
Oct 19, 1880.  Mary Susannah Garvin Thompson was the wife of Rufus Morgan Thompson.  I assume that William 
Rabadore did in fact die Oct 1880 and that the date on the tombstone is incorrect.  The Thompson children, 
above, were the children of James Henry Thompson & Williamette Dixie Pettus. [source: Madison County Alabama 
Cemeteries Vol I, Page 190, by the Johnsons]
In this cemetery I could not see and find some of the stones. About all of them were broken and the tops needed 
to be found & relocated to their bases to be photographed (and possibly saved),  but some of the tops were
not found due to the Poison Ivy and Periwinkle vines being knee deep or they were just not there because of vandals.

Typing by Faye Bradford. Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 26 Apr 2011 using photos dated 15 Feb 2011 by C. Wayne Austin. Added here 26 Apr 2011. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol 1, page 190 by the Johnsons.

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