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Mapping the Location

Area Views of the Perkins-Jones Cemetery: 4749/4760/4761/4762/4763/4764/4765/4766/4773/4774/4775/4776/4776W
The old Restored Union Grove Church facility on Campus of UAH - was brought here from the original site near Hazel Green Al.:

JONES, Lewellen,  1760 - 1820.  Revolutionary Soldier, Capt. 1st Regt. Lt. Dragoons, Valley Forge Soldier, 1777-1778. Stone plaque placed by the Twickingham Town Chapter of D.A.R. - Military Marker:4756/D.A.R. Plaque & Descendents of Washington's Army:4757/4758/4759

PERKINS, Maria Latetia, 13 Sep 1823 - 15 Jan 1852. (box-type tomb). 4747/4749/4760/4746
In Memory of Maria Latetia Perkins. Born September 13, 1823 - died January 15, 1852 aged 28 years, 4 months and 2 days

PERKINS, Washington Layfayett, 1 Feb 1827 - 20 Jan 1849. (box-type tomb, broken and parts missing.). 4748/4749/4760/4744/4745
In Memory of Washington Layfayett Perkins, born February 1, 1827, died January 20, 1849, aged 21 years, 11 months and 19 days.

PERKINS, Alexander Spotswood, Born 24 Dec 1831 - 24 Jan 1867. (Note: This was an upright marble monument). Military Marker: 4751/Upright monument:4753/4752/4754/4755
ALEXANDER SPOTSWOOD PERKINS, Born Dec 24, 1831, Died Jan 24, 1867. Just as I am without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me, and that thou bidst me come to thee. O Lord of God I come.

There was a box-type tomb here on the north side of Washing Layfayett Perkins memorial, but the top cover which carries the inscription was missing and there was no way of identifying it. 4750/4760
One grave sink was noticed indicating an unmarked grave by Dorothy Johnson in 1978. I think it has now been filled in.

Census of October 29, 1850:
Perkins, Alexander,         (21) Ala, farmer
Graham, Abner,              (18) Ala
Ward, John,                   (50) Va
Ward, Sarah,                 (50) Va
Ward, Samuel, Jr.,         (21) Ala
Wells, Mary E.,              (60) Md
Thompson, Thomas W.,  (14) Va


Mapping the Location

JONES, MARY, Mary, wife of Anthony Jones, cir 1812 - 3 Jun 1865, aged 53 years. 4774/4773*
In Memory of Mary, wife of Anthony Jones, died June 3, 1865, aged 53 years.

*This stone is broken and lying on the ground but it is protected by a black wrought iron fence like the one surrounding the Perkins Cemetery. The University is responsible for placing the fences around the cemeteries on the campus.  - I did not enter the day care play ground to inspect this stone because the day care was closed and the playground chain link fence was locked, so the photos are from a distance. Nothing is more important than keeping the children safe, so I delay this task to another day.

The census of Oct. 29, 1850 shows the following Jones living on the farm adjacent to Alexander Perkins, above:
Jones, Alex. P. (50) Va., farmer - $46,000.
No doubt this is the same Jones family as that of Mary and Anthony Jones.

Listings & Links developed by using photos dated 27 Sep 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. Added here 24 Mar 2014. This cemetery was shown in the book Cemeteries of Madison County, Vol I, page 177, by Dorothy Johnson. Duplicate photos were made in an interest in making these stones readable for you from the photo.