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OTEY CEMETERY (Hwy 231/431, Green Lawn Plantation), MADISON COUNTY ALABAMA

Mapping the Location       Census, Otey & Wyche Family information

Area Views of the Otey Cemetery: 3783/3785/3786/3787/3788/3803/3804/3805/3806

KIRKLAND, John Kirkland Sr.  (no other information) 3793
John Kirkland Sr. 
KIRKLAND, J. W. Kirkland Jr. , C. V.  (no other information) 3793
J. W. Kirkland Jr. , C. V.
FIELDS, Imogene Otey, Beloved wife of William Fields. 29 Dec 1850 - 24 Aug 1929. 3790C/3790
Imogene Otey, Beloved wife of William Fields. Dec. 29, 1850 - Aug. 24, 1929. Safe in the arms of Jesus.
OTEY, Walter Otey,  of Bedford Co., Va. 1776 - 1823. (son of Col. John Otey who commanded a battalion of rifles during the Revolutionary War.) 3798/3797 *
Walter Otey of Bedford Co., Va. 1776 - 1823
OTEY, Mary Walton, of Salem. Va., 1781 - (between 1850 & 1860, alive in 29 Oct 1850, not found in 1860 indicating she passed). (death date - left blank; married in 1800 in Va. to Walter Otey) 3798/3797
His wife, Mary Walton, of Salem. Va. 1781 - (blank)
OTEY, William Madison, son of Walter Otey and Mary Walton, died aged 47 years. (no dates given - living in 1850 census - shows born about 1818) 3784C/3784
Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM MADISON, son of Walter Otey and Mary Walton, his wife. Died aged 47 years. Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is
peace. Psalm XXXVII, Chapt., 37 Verse.

OTEY, Octavio Aurelia, wife of William M. Otey, d/o William Henry and Rebecca Wyche, 13 Aug 1831  - 30 Dec 1890. (Death Rec. show she died of heart trouble) 3789C/3789 **
Asleep in Jesus. Sacred to the Memory of Octavio Aurelia, beloved wife of William M. Otey, daughter of William Henry and Rebecca Wyche. Born August 13, 1831, departed this life Dec. 30, 1890. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matthew 5th Chapt., 8th Verse. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.
OTEY, Maxwell, Son of S. M. and W. W. Otey. 1898 - 1897. 3794
Maxwell Otey, Son of S. M. and W. W. Otey. 1898 - 1897.
OTEY, Laura Elise, 1861 - 1943. 3791/3792
Laura Elise Otey 1861 - 1943.
WALKER, Lucy O. Walker, 24 Sep 1862 - 16 Apr 1949 3796
Lucy O. Walker Sept. 24, 1862 - April 16, 1949
WALKER, John B., 10 Apr 1865 - 28 Nov 1947. (Note: John Bealle Walker was a civil engineer. Contributed toward construction of the Holland Tunnel In New York City.) 3795
John B. Walker - April 10, 1865 - Nov. 28, 1947.
TALIAFERRO, Lewis Bourbon, son of Charles E. and Martha A. Taliaferro. Mar 1831 - 13 Jul 1837. 3799/3800/3801/3802/3803 ***
Sacred to the Memory of Lewis Bourbon, son of Charles E. and Martha A. Taliaferro. Born March 2nd 1831 - Died July 13th 1837.

*Walter and Mary Walton Otey brought their young family to Madison County in 1817. They cleared the land and built a two-room cabin that was to later be replaced by the mansion
that now stands a few yards in front of the small, walled cemetery. After Walter's death in 1823 Mary carried on the affairs of the plantation.

**During Reconstruction Octavio Aurelio Otey contributed whistles, robes, and other items to the local KKK. Legend has it, one night many white-robed Klansmen silently surrounded her home and asked if they could do anything for her, but she answered in the negative. Later that night a man was taken from his home and whipped for beating his wife. This somewhat confirms of the original purpose of the KKK as an organization to protect the former confederate families from persecution, but as time progressed they obviously evolved.

***Not related to the Otey family. The Talialerro family was travelling when the child became ill. The family stopped at the Otey home to rest until the child recovered or became well enough to continue the journey. The child died and was buried in Otey cemetery. The Taliaferros' are listed in the 1830 census as having 18 slaves, but no children.

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin using photos dated 29 Apr 2014. Added here 29 Apr 2014. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol II, Page 243-244 by Dorothy Scott Johnson. She was assisted  iun 1969 by Mrs. H. C. Wikle (Nee Margaret Hampton), an Otey descendant, who also supplied family information