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This topographical map shows the GPS of the Newby Cemetery of Madison Alabama. The location is indicated in the center of the map and is labeled Cemetery.

At the intersection of Highway 72 and Old Rail Road Bed Road travel north several miles and go past Highway 53 (Ardmore Hwy). From Hwy 53 go slightly less than a mile and turn right on Toney Road. Travel about 1/2 mile and the cemetery can be seen on the north side of the road in a grove of trees out in the field along an old fence row. Since this is private land get permission as no trespassing signs are all around.

The cemetery appears closer than it is here in this view.

Notice the yellow pointer indicating the trees where this small cemetery can be found. This cemetery is in extreme danger of being destroyed by the elements of neglect. The only stones standing are leaning badly and close to falling. Brush is very thick as no clearing has occurred here in a hundred years. A phone discussion with the land owner indicates he is interested in this cemetery and wants it cared for as best as can be done given the stones are old and fragile.
If you wish to visit this cemetery please Contact Ricky Ennis for permission, but it is not advisable to visit here during the crop season.
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