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Mapping the location

Area Views of the McDavid Cemetery: 9108/9109/9126/9127/9128/9129/9130/9131/9135/9136/9137/9138/9139
Carvings on the giant Beech Tree:   9132/9129

DAVIE, Brancy, wife of Dr. (Gabriel S.) Davie,  (born cir 5 Apr 1822)  died 3 . . y (May or July) 1849, aged 27 yrs. , 3 mo. & 28 days. Note: Brancy Ann McDavid married Gabriel S. Davie January 24, 1837.
In Memory of Brancy Davie, wife of Dr. (Gabriel S.) Davie, who Departed this life ...y 3, 1849, aged 27 yrs. , 3 mo. & 28 days. I see thee still. Remembrance faithful to her trust calls thee from the dust. Thou cometh in the morning light, Thouart with me thru the gloomy night, In dreams I meet thee as of old and thy sweet voice is in my ear, In every scence (sense) to memory dear. I see thee still. I am not dead, but only sleeping.

McDAVID, . . . . e., son of James & Nancy McDavid, born in Lincoln County, Tenn. , on the . . . day of April, 1831, Departed  on the 28th day of August, 1855. (Box tomb. Broken and parts are missing. This stone will never be read again it is crumbling back to dust. It was so soft that parts of it flaked off at the touch. This is the tomb closest to the giant Beech tree.)
Here lies . . . . . e McDavid, son of James & Nancy McDavid, born in Lincoln County, Tenn. , on the . . . day of April, 1831, Departed this life on the 28th day of August, 1855.

McDAVID, James, 10 Oct 1795 - 24th Sep 1842 , native of South Carolina. (not sure this is a 1842 might be 1844.)
In Memory of James McDavid, born in South Carolina October 10th, 1795, died 24th September, 1842

McDAVID, Nancy, wife of James McDavid, Dec., born 18 May 1801 in North Carolina, Departed (this life; between 1850 & 1860) (all after the word departed missing). 9104/9105
In Memory of Nancy McDavid, wife of James McDavid, Dec.,  Born in North Carolina May 18, 1801, Departed this life

McDAVID, William, In Memory of William McDavid, son of James and Nancy McDavid, born (rest of stone missing).
In Memory of William McDavid, son of James and Nancy McDavid, born . . . . . . . . .

McDAVID, Richmon Taylor,  24 Oct 1824 - 1 Jan 1834.
9113L/9113/Dug from the soil: 9112/another attempt to read this stone: 9133/9134 ***
Richmon Taylor McDavid,  Born Oct 24, 1824, Died Jan 1, 1834.

McDAVID - Infant child of J. M. and Nancy McDavid (no other information inscribed on the stone).
Infant child of J. M. and Nancy McDavid

??7 - born December died August ..., 1815. (missing balance of inscription & I see no numbers like Dorothy did.).
??7 - born December died August ..., 1815.

McDAVID, .... Clay - In Memory of clay, (child of) James & (Nancy McDavid) (missing).

****The box tomb of Brancy Davie may be the only one of its kind in this county; the sides, ends and lid were of quality lime. Her inscription was carved on one (south) side and a beautiful & loving tribute from her husband was carved on the (north) other side. The lid (top) was a masterpiece. In the center of the lid was carved an ornate shield in bas-relief and in the center of the shield were carved these words: I am not dead, but only sleeping.
Modified from what Dorothy Johnson said in 1978. Unfortunately for us the vandals crushed most of the beauty out of this tomb. Another issue is that a huge Beech tree is hovering over this stone. It is likely to drop giant limbs in the near future. It is in the latter stages of its life. I would be surprised if the top survives that onslaught. 

*** This stone has never before been reported.

This cemetery was all but destroyed several months ago [Dorothy Johnson, 1978] by neighborhood boys bunting rabbits, according to a nearby resident. Cattle [Livestock no longer a threat, 2014] have now been let into the graveyard and have about finished the destruction the irresponsible boys begun. I [Dorothy] spent several hours here [so did I - C. Wayne Austin 28 Mar 2014 - trying to find what she did . We noticed the same broken & missing parts. She found more inscriptions than I did due to the stones being in better shape then] attempting to find missing parts to the pieces of tombstones, but was unsuccessful for the most part. [Dorothy found parts of inscriptions on two more tombs than I, but an additional stone turned up since she surveyed. From my perspective I could only see 5 box tombs (cyrpts) and two upright stones or seven monuments, instead of her 9, but that is not final because stones fall and sink into the ground. Box tombs though, are just as hard to read, tumble all over the place, but they leave their footprint and are easily counted.][It is interesting that since 1978 when she reassembled all the parts for a reading I had to dig the same ones from under the ground and  move parts together some as heavy as 200 lbs to again read what is remaining of these tombs and all of that sinking into the ground and separation occurred naturally. [C Wayne Austin 30 Mar 2014]

Federal Census 22 Nov 1850 , 2nd Regt, #33, Household #297

McDavid, Nancy,                 48,  F born-North Carolina, property value $8,000 ( I do not see her in teh censuses after 1850 so maybe she died in between 1850 & 1860.
Davie, Broncy A. J.,               1,  F Ala  (The surviving baby girl of Gabriel & Brancy McDavid Davie)
McDavid, W. S.,                  15, M Ala  Wilson S. McDavid married Nancy S Thompson, 26 Aug 1858, Madison County Alabama. They show up in the 1870 & 1880 censuses)
McDavid, S. P. B.,               12, M Ala
McDavid, Nancy,                   9,  F Ala
James is deceased from this record which agrees with the grave record & we know from this Nancy is still living as of 22 Nov 1850 but does not show up in the 1860 and after censuses.

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin using photos dated 28 Mar 2014 Added here 30 Mar 2014. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol 1 page 60 by the Dorothy Johnson. Land surrounding the cemetery is owned today by Betsy Gatlin who assisted in finding the site.