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Mapping the location

McCALEB, William, birth: abt 1809, Virginia - death: abt 1875 Madison County Alabama

Buried in the MaCaleb family cemetery located on the north side of Grimwood Road without a headstone. In fact no one in this cemetery has a headstone today.
Born about 1809 he was 51 years old in the 27 Jun 1860 Federal census, living in the Northwestern District of Madison County with wife Susan and these children in the household:

William McCaleb     51 (born in Virginia)
Susan McCaleb       44
Roda McCaleb        22
John W McCaleb      21
Nancy E McCaleb     18
Marsha A McCaleb    16
Millia McCaleb      14
Susan "S.E."McCaleb 12 (married John A. Bayless.)
Epsy E McCaleb       7
Sarah J McCaleb      6
Joseph E McCaleb     4

By 1880 William McCaleb no longer shows up in the censuses suggesting his demise. His wife Susan & the remaining children have moved in with the nearby John A. Bayless family whose wife Susan E. McCaleb Bayless was the daughter of William & Susan McCaleb. So we average his death year as 1875. We will add 1875 and ask fellow researchers to correct this death date if the known death date ever surfaces.

William served in the 15th Alabama Calvary Regiment - Civil War Military Unit A

When Dorothy Scott Johnson visited this cemetery in 1970 she found there were no inscribed stones. The land was owned then by Mr. and Mrs. C. Franklin Bendall who bought it from Mr. J. O. Fisk. At least one of Mr. Fisk's ancestors is buried here but the cemetery is actually the old McCaleb family cemetery. Faint outline of a fence or rock wall is seen from Google maps facing the right direction. All this indicates this place to be an old lost cemetery. So we see thru mapping and record keeping we know the name of this cemetery but not the deceased inhabitants thereof. [C. Wayne Austin 18 May 2014]

This cemetery is also called the McCaleb-Fisk Cemetery.

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 18 May 2014. Added here 18 Apr 2014. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol 1 page 41 by the Johnsons.