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Area views of the cemetery:/0581/0582/0583/0584/0585/Row 1:0607/0648/0649/0650/0651/0652/0671/0672/0673/0674/0675
Spotting the nearby lost "Hammond-Routt Cemetery": 0579/This is the most hopeful place now covered in Kudzu vine, I did not go there for lack of permission:0580

COLE, Mary Ruth, Born & died August 31, 1934. Robert Lawson Rowe and Mary Ruth Cole were great-great grand-children of David E. and Nancy (Wesson) Kelly.
DAVIDSON, Amanda Melvina Kelly (?) - (Concrete marker, No name or dates. It is believed to mark the grave of Amanda Melvina Kelly (1830-1870) who was the wife of Samuel Davidson. Samuel remarried after her death and is not buried in this cemetery.)
DAVISON, David Kelly, Son of S. E. A. M. Davison. Born June 30, 1853, died Dec. 27, 1855 aged 2 yrs. , 5 mo., and 27 days.
DAVIDSON, Sam, (Concrete markers; no dates. From family Bible 1855 - 1926, never married).
DAVISON, Nanna V., Dau. of S. E. & A. M. Davison. Born April 25 and died Ray 1, 1957 aged 7 days.
DAVIDSON, Walter, (Concrete marker; no dates. From family Bible: 1858-1911, never married.)
DAVIDSON, Lee, (Concrete marker; no dates. From family Bible: 1862-1918. never married.)
DAVISON, Tom, (Concrete marker; no dates. From family Bible: not recorded but born c. 1860 and died c. 1935, never married.)
DAVISON, Lillie, (Concrete marker; no dates. From family Bible: 1865-1930, never married.)
DAVISON, Infant daughter of S. E. & A. M. Davison, Born and died Nov. 6, 1865.
0628/Family History note
GOOCH Sirris, (Concrete marker; no dates. This was William Josiah "Sirris" Gooch, born 1873, died 1889. He was a grandson of Josiah S. and Malinda (Cornelius) Kelly).
HOUSE, Elizabeth, (Concrete marker; no dates. From family Bible: Elizabeth Kelly (1832-1906), daughter of Josiah S. and Malinda (Cornelius) Kelly, married her first cousin, James A. House. who is not buried in the Kelly Cemetery; they had no chldren).
HOWSE, Ida N., Dau. of J. A. and L. A. Phillips. Born Jan. 17, 1855 - died Jan. 6, 1894.
 0601/0602/Family History note
KELLY, David E., Born in Brunswick Co., Va. , May 9, 1793, departed this life in Madison Co., Ala., May 3, 1857 aged 63 years, 11 mo. & 25 days.
KELLY, Nancy R., Wife of David E. Kelly, born Jan. 2, 1797, died Feb. 20, 1867,  aged 70 years, 1 month & 18 days.
0625/0627/Family History note
KELLY William, (Concrete marker; no dates on stone. Family Bible shows he was born in 1808 and died Nov. 24, 1862.)
0595 **
KELLY Katherine, (Concrete marker; no dates on stone. Family Bible she was born Aug. 10, 1809 and died Dec. 26, 1884.)
KELLY, Josiah P., Son of David E. and Nancy R. Kelly, born April 19, 1822, died June 19, 1841 aged 19 years & 2 months. (unmarried)
KELLY, Martha E., Daughter of D. E. and N. R. Kelly. Born August 5, died August 6, 1876. (unmarried)
KELLY, Joshua O., Born March 17, 1826 - died March 7, 1897 aged 70 years, 11 months, 20 days.
0614/0615/military: Pvt 4th Ala Calv. C.S.A.: 0616/C.S.A. cross #396 set beside tombstone: 0617
KELLY, Sallie B. Strong, Wife of J. 0. Kelly. Born Feb. 6, 1835 - died May 19, 1915.
KELLY, Susan Jane, Born Jan. 29, 1832-died Aug. 14, 1832. (Note: Susan Jane Kelly was the dau. of David E. and Nancy R. Kelly and was the first person a to buried in this cemetery).
KELLY, Caladonia C., Born May 25, 1833 - died Aug. 24, 1834 age 1 yr. 3 mo.
KELLY David E., Jr., Born Nov. 21, 1836 - died Oct. 24, 1837 aged 11 mo., 3 days.
KELLY J. L. P., (Concrete marker, No dates on it.  Name: Jesse Littleton Thales Kelly; youngest child of David E.  and Nnacy R. Kelly. CSA iron cross #0411 by this stone. From Bible: J. L. P. Kelly, 1838-1913.)
0665/military marker: Pvt Co C 4th Ala Cavalry, Confederate States Army, 1838 - 1913: 0666/0667
KELLY Jane,  (Concrete marker; no dates. Jane was the wife of J. L. T. Kelly. Her maiden name was Davison and she was born c. 1842 and died in 1897.)
0653/Family History note
KELLY R. O.,(Robert Oscar Kelly, 1848-1915, , son of William J. and Katherine Kelly. His wife was buried in Athens, Ala., her former home and their descendants live there now.)
/0668/military Marker: Robert O. Kelly, Pvt Co I 4th Ala Cavalry, Confederate States Army, 1848 - 1915. 0669/0670
KELLY, Mary, (Concrete marker; no dates. From family Bible: Mary, dau. of Elizabeth Moore (Kelly) and Isaac House, married her first cousin, David Lafayette Kelly (1834-1864), son of William J. and Katherine Kelly. David Lafayette Kelly died in a Northern prison during the Civil War and was buried there. He and Mary had issue but have no living descendants.)
KELLY, William Oscar, Son of J. O. and Sally B. Kelly. Born March 16, 1852 - died Nev. 5, 1858 aged 6 years, 7 months and 20 days.)
KELLY Charles J., Son of J. O. & Sally B. Kelly, March 31,1854 - Nov. 17, 1858 aged 4 years, 7 months and 18 days.)
KELLY David E., June 11, 1858 - March 22, 1939.
KELLY Eva Thompson, Wife of D. E. Kelly. Born July 24, 1868 - died Dec. 8, 1945.
KELLY Joshua Oscar, Jr., - Oct. 3, 1860-July 28, 1928. (unmarried).
KELLY George Lawson, Sep 21, 1863 - Nov 2, 1946. (unmarried).
KELLY, Lula Alice, Jan 14, 1869 -Sep 24, 1917. (unmarried). 0612/0613
KELLY Laura May, Infant dau. of J. O. & S. B. Kelly. April 25, 1873 - October 6, 1874. 0618C/0618/0619/Family History note: William Oscar, Charles J., David E. , Joshua 0. Jr., George Lula Alice and Laura May Kelly were the children of Joshua 0. and Sallie B. Kelly. They had three children who were not buried in this cemetery.
KELLY, Addie A., Died Jan. 2, 1876 age 2 yrs., 2 mo. & 21 days. Child of T.L. & E.J. Kelly.
KELLY, Thomas D., Died Dec. 22, 1870, age 9 mo. 24 days. Child of T.L. & E.J. Kelly.
Note: Addle A. and Thomas D. were the children of Jessie Littleton Thales, and Jane (Davison) Kelly. Jane was a sister to the Samuel Davison who married Amanda M. Kelly.
KELLY T. O.,  (Concrete marker; no dates. This was Thomas Oliver Kelly, born 1859, died 1894 and never married. He was the son of David Lafayette and Mary (House) Kelly.
0598/Military Marker: Thales Kelly Pvt 4th Alabama Cav Confederate States Army Aug 31 1838 - 1913. 0599
KELLY Fayette, (Concreter Marker; no dates. This was Lula Fayette Kelly, born 1863, died c. 1912. Never married. Dau. of David Lafayette and Mary (House) Kelly.)
PHILLIPS, James A., Born Dec. 6, 1826 - died July 8, 1901. Our father and Mother
0603/military marker, "James A. Phillips Pvt Co F 53rd Ala Partisan Rangers. C.S.A.":0604/0605
PHILLIPS, Laura Kelly, Born June 3, 1828-died April 5, 1902.) Our Father and mother.
PHILLIPS, Solon W.,  1865 - 1936  
PHILLIPS, Mary Pettus, 1877- 1959
ROWE, Robert Lawson, March 28, 1930 - April 14, 1932. Son of Aurora L. and Homer M. Rowe.
VERNON, Dicey Wesson, 1784 - Jul 1850, married 1st to Jessee Walker May 18, 1805, 2nd to Melkijah Vaughn Sep 25, 1816, 3rd to James Vernon May 26, 1836; erected in 2001, Initials: D. W. V. There is an unmarked grave with no marker of any kind next to Dicey
0592 and it may be that of her third husband, James Vernon. These two graves are near the graves of William and Katherine (Wesson) Kelly.) 0590/0591/0592
WESSON Littleton, Died October, 1834 aged about 61 years.
WESSON, Elizabeth,  Wife of Littleton Wesson. Died May, 1860 about 83 yrs.
0594/Family History note: The Wessons' were from Brunswick Co., Va. Littleton Wesson was a son of William Wesson; Elizabeth was the daughter of William Justice. Littleton and Elizabeth Wesson were the parents of Nancy R. and Katherine, the wives of David E. and William J. Kelly, respectively.

In the corner of this cemetery not far from the stones of William and Katherine (Wesson) Kelly, there is a large area with no tombstones. It is said that two infants and two unmarried daughters of William and Katherine Kelly are probably buried there. The would be (dates from Bible) Josiah Phillips Kelly, (1841-1841); Joshua Littleton Kelly (1844-1845); Emma Louise Kelly (1846-1874); and Nancy Rebecca Kelly (1852-1872).

About 1920, after the cemetery had been neglected for many years, Messrs.  D. E. Kelly, J. O. Kelly and G. L. Kelly, brothers (all deceased), undertook a reclaim and preserve the lot. They enclosed it with the present fence and as there were many graves with no stones they had a number of concrete markers made.  They did the best they could to place these at the correct graves. The names were
put on but they made no attempt to put dates on the markers and there may still be some unmarked graves.
In the early 1930's, when a grave was being dug for a member of the Phillips family, those digging the grave found they had dug into an unmarked grave. The Kelly family attempted to determine the identity of the person buried there but was unsuccessful, therefore, the site of this grave has no marker.

**David E. and William J. Kelly were brothers and the sons of Jesse and Martha (Phillips) Kelly, both of whom lived and died in Brunswick Co., Va. Another brother of David E. and William J. was Josiah S. Kelly who is not buried here. The only sister of these Kelly brothers (there wore 4 other brothers not buried hem) was Elizabeth Moore (Kelly) House, the wife of Isaac House. She also has some descendants buried here although she and her husband lived and died in Williamson Co. , Tenn. The Bibles of David E. , William J. , and Josiah S. Kelly have been preserved and many of the dates missing on the hand concrete markers have been supplied from these Bibles.

Some census info:

Census, Oct. 28, 1850
Kelly, David     (57) Va, farmer - $8000. (David Kelly m. Nancy Wesson, License Feb 5, 1822)
Kelly, Nancy     (54) Va
Kelly, Martha E. (25) Ala (never married)
Kelly, Joshua P. (23) "
Kelly, Laura     (21) " (Laura Kelly m. James A. Phillips Jan  15, 1852)
Kelly, Amanda    (19) "
Kelly, William   (14) "
Kelly, Jesse     (11) " (Jesse Kelly m. Jane Davison)
Kelly, Josiah    ( 8) "
Kelly, Malenda   ( 6) "

Census, Oct. 26, 1850
Kelly, William J. (42) Va , farmer, $1,200 (William J. Kelly m. Catherine Wesson Mar 19, 1833)
Catherine         (40) Va  
David             (15) Ala
Martha            (13) "
Thomas            (12) "
James             (11) "
Emmet             ( 9) "
Ammer             ( 4) "
Robert            ( 2) "
Wesson, Elizabeth (77) Va
Kelly, Lycurgus   (12) Ala
Kelly, Benjamin   (19) "


The information on this cemetery and the Kelly genealogy was supplied by Mrs. R. H. Gilliam, Jr. (nee Catherine Kelly). The information supplied by Mrs. Gilliam is so thorough and her notes are so interesting that I have chosen to include them in their entirety. The only additions are the marriage and the census records. Dorothy Johnson 1978. Listings & Links developed by C Wayne Austin using photos dated 19 Oct 2013. Added here with appropriate commentary & editing 7 Apr 2014.This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol II pages 169-172 by the Dorothy Johnson. She did a tremendous job on it and no one can top her presentation given the original sources she had. I don't know why this cemetery book was not in print. Well yes I do know because there was no enough support from the Historical Society, as should have been. I for one don't plan on replacing her book. my county coverage will fall short much more so than hers. If you get a chance to obtain this two volume edition you will be pleased with its completeness. While seems to have much family history, as a site it is sadly lacking in graveyard location & science with minor exceptions. That is because it often misses grave locations by many miles and and across county lines due to the complex issue that there are so many cemetery names that are the same the unwary researcher easily falls into the trap of error there in a split second of indecision in completing the record. Most have no knowledge base of the county research by previous cemetery researchers.