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JOYNER CEMETERY, (SE of Junction of Wall Triana Hwy and Nick Davis Road), MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA

Mapping the location

Cemetery Overviews: 6541/6542/6562/6563
View of the cemetery from a distance: 6564/6565/6566

JOYNER, Elisabeth S., In Memory of Mrs. Elisabeth S. Joyner, Consort of G. W. Joyner, was born in Lunenburg County. , Va. , August the 4th, 1822 and died in Athens, Ala., Jun the 18, 1852, aged 29 years, 10 months, 11 days. The wife the friend, the mother dear, in dreamless sleep reposes here. May we whose love to her was given, all meet and live with her in Heaven. Cast all your cares upon God: for he careth for you. (This was a table top tomb. The legs had been knocked from under the top slab which was lying broken and sunken into the ground. Major parts are missing today; George W. Joyner married Elisabeth S. Pettus with license obtained 12-11-1837.)
JOYNER, Cisarier A. C., In Memory of Cisarier A. C., daughter of E. S. & G. W. Joyner, born April 25  (18)39, and departed this life May 1, (18)41.
JOYNER - Infant of E. S. & G. W. Joyner. Born Sept. 21, 1847 - died 24th (Sep 24,1847), aged 3 days.
6535/6536/reassembled top: 6537/6540
JOINER Infant son of E. S. E. & G. W. Joyner, born and died June 3, 1852.
PETTUS, Rebecca W., Wife of W. R. Pettus, died August 29, 1849 age 37 years, 4 months, 2 days. (Note: W. R. Pettus b. 1808 remarried and is buried in the Pettus-Douglass Cemetery next to his second wife  Charlotte H. Day.)
Her Sun went down while it was yet day, but unto the upright there remaineth light in darkness. 6524/6525/6523/6526
PETTUS, V. E., (Note: The marble foot stone read: "V. E. P." We were able to find only a portion of the broken, marble headstone on which was the following:
. . . . . . . J. C. and P. C. Pet. . .  " It was undoubtedly the child of Joseph C. Pettus and Permelia C. Fowlkes who were married Dec. 8, 1846. (This was found by Dorothy Johnson, not found in 2011 survey)
PETTUS, W.B., Initials inscribed on fieldstone: W. B. P. (Possibly grave of Wm. B. Pettus who married Frances O. Welbourn on 12-5-1827.
P. . . . . , R.E.,  Initials inscribed on fieldstone: R. E. P.
P. . . . ., J.I., Initials inscribed on fieldstone: J. I. P.
P. . . . ., W.J., Initials inscribed on fieldstone: W. J. P. (Not found in 2011 survey, found by Dorothy Johnson)
P. . . . ., H., Initials inscribed on fieldstone: H. P.  
P. . . . ., W. H., Initials inscribed on fieldstone: W. H. P. (Not found in 2011 survey, found by Dorothy Johnson)
S. . . . ., S.P., Initials inscribed on fieldstone:  S. P. S.

Fieldstones - no inscription:
Several old style box tombs with a missing inscribed top. however they may just be cut stones stacked over a grave as a grave cover. 6553/6554/6555/6556/6559/6561

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 25 Sep 2012 using photos dated 26 Apr 2011. Added here with appropriate commentary & editing by the same 25 Sep 2012. Also published in the book Madison County Alabama Cemeteries Vol 1. Page 191, by Dorothy Johnson.