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Mapping the Location

Area Overviews of the Cemetery: 4711/4712/4713

JAMAR Sarah, Wife of Richard Jamar, daughter of Frank & Fanny Hatton. married in Madison Co., Ala., May 22, 1838, Died Dec. 16, 1865. Note: Marriage Book No. 4 states that Richard Jamar and Sarah Hatton obtained their marriage license May 15, 1838 and were married by J. W. Allen May 29, 1838. (marriage book & tombstone married dates are different). 4715
JAMAR, Elizabeth, Wife of Richard Jamar, Died April 26, 1832 aged 45 years.  (This monument not found Sep 2012)
JAMAR, Richard, Born in Richmond, Va., Sept. 12, 1785 - Died in Madison County, Ala.. June 22. 1872 Aged 86 years, 9 mo. and 10 days. 4714
JAMAR, Lucy, In Memory of Lucy, wife of R. Jamar, Died Jan. 29, 1838 aged... (Note: The rest of this stone was gone). 4716/4717
OWEN, Thomas J., Born in Va. , Dec. 10, 1810 - Died in Ala. May 1, 1878. (This monument not found Sep 2012)
OWEN, Mary C., Wife of Thos J. Owen, daughter of Richard Jamar, Died Sept. 30, 1849.  (This monument not found Sep 2012)

This cemetery is on the verge of destruction. The one large monument is predominant and is in danger of tumbling into the bank. The small stones are broken and I found one stone being used as a fill to stop erosion under a nearby fence. Condensed and edited from Dorothy Johnson's commentary 1989. When there I ask permission of the lady to visit this cemetery, however I soon realized another member of the family stood out on the grounds in the distance with a mean looking bull dog and stared at me as I cleared enough to make the photos. I was unaware of his motives, but was a bit unnerved by his actions. but finished and cleared the premises.

Census, Nov. 7, 1850:
Jamar, Richard   (66) Va. , farmer - $6,000.
Jamar, Sarah      (40) N. C.
Jamar, George      (5) Ala. Geo. T. Jamar married Martha E. Robinson 5-30-1867.
Jamar, Richard    (14) Ala.
Owens, Elizabeth (12) Ala.
Clinton, John       (35) Ireland

This cemetery presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin 24 Sep 2012. Added here 18 Dec 2012. Published in the book Madison County Alabama Cemeteries by Dorothy Johnson, page 299. Obviously some grave stones have been destroyed or sunken out of sight since Dorothy's book was published in 1989.