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Mapping the Location


Area views of the Cemetry:4221/4222/4245/4246/4247/4248/4249/4250/4251/4252

BAYLESS, Elizabeth Bragg Bayless, 1808 - 1862 (Bartley H. Bayless m. Elizabeth Bragg on 5 May 1833) side 2 4228B/4221
BRAGG, Benjamin Bragg, 1781 - (died aft 1860 & before 1870 Census; Father of Elizabeth Bragg Bayless) side 2 4228B/4221
BRAGG, Nancy (Jenkins) Bragg, 9 Apr 1784 - (1844) side 2 4228B/4221
JACKS, William P. Jacks, 1829 - 1888.  4th Regt., Ala Cav Confederate States Army. 4223/military marker:4224C/4224
JACKS, Ellena B. Jacks, 1836 - 1919 (d/o Bartley & Elizabeth (Bragg) Jacks; William P. Jacks m. Ellena Bayless 30 Jun 1853) 4225
JACKS, Dan, 1894 - 1894. shares stone with kate Jacks Newgent side 1. 4228C/4228
JOHNSON, Jennie, wife of Tom Johnson. July 2, 1856 - Nov. 3, 1894. 4226
JOHNSON, Tom, Aug. 5, 1881 - July 8, 1882 4227
JOHNSON, William, Aug. 7, 1885 - Oct. 5, 1888 4227
NEWGENT, Kate Jacks, 1861 - 1906. side 1

The Bragg/Bayless/Jacks granite cenotaph marker was been placed in the cemetery between 1970 and 1978. Exact grave locations unknown.

Family descendants told Dorothy Johnson that Ellen and William Jacks also had two daughters buried here.

There are 14 large above-ground rectangular stone tombs & two fieldstone marked graves in this cemetery . There are at least 5 more graves sinks without markers of any kind. The stone marked ones are of the soft sandstone and rough limestone composition and all are very rough cut. There is no lettering on them and I doubt if there ever was. We can see that there are fourteen unmarked grave stones and 2 fieldstones present and another 5 sinks that all equals 21 graves. 5 of them have been assigned from the granite cenotaph above leaving 16 unidentified graves or Grave Markers without an inscription:
There are several members of the Bragg & Bayless families who were living in this area, who disappeared from the censuses, without showing up in a the graveyards with an inscription, in the early to mid 1800s. One prominent member was Sanford Bragg (1831 - 1872). I suspect that some or all are buried under those massive tombs. I am awaiting analysis of another nearby lost graveyard that holds some promise of having their remains. I can tell from the census locations these folks lived south of New Market but northwest of the Bragg Cemetery. They were also neighbors of the prominent Whitman family whose graveyard is located just northwest of here toward New Market a 1/2 mile.

Census, Nov. 4, 1850, Household 303, District 34 Madison Co Ala.
Bayless, Bartley     38  Ala Farmer - $1,200
Bayless, Elizabeth   42 Ala   (Elizabeth Bragg Bayless)
Bayless, William     16 Ala
Bayless, Ellena       14 Ala (See tombstone listing above)
Bayless, John        10 Ala
Bayless, Sally         7 Ala
Smithey, Lewis      24 Va laborer
Bragg, Benjamin     69 Va  $1,600 (The father of Elizabeth Bragg Bayless)

Census, Nov. 12, 1850
Jacks, David       54  NC Baptist preacher - $1,000
Jacks, Rachael    54  NC
Jacks, Simeon     20  Ala School teacher. Simeon R. Jacks m. Mary I. E. Atkins 21 Oct 1858
Jacks, William    22  Ala Farmer (See tombstone listing above)
Jacks, Jonathan  18  Ala Laborer, Jonathan H. Jacks m. Julia A. Smith 30 Nov 1855
Jacks, Nicholas   16  Ala Student
Jacks, Hiram     15  Ala


Listings & Links developed by C Wayne Austin using photos dated 18 Aug 2012. Added here with appropriate commentary & editing 10 May 2014. Listed in Dorothy Johnson's book, Madison County Alabama Cemeteries Page 142, Volume II.