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Mapping the Location

Area views of this cemetery: 6688/6689/6690/6691

HYMAN, Sarah W. (Williams), 29 Oct 1797 - 11 May 1860. 6685C/6685/6686/6687 *
(Sar)ah W. Hyman was Born October the 29th 1797 and died the 11th of May, 1860.

HYMAN, Mary Ann, 6 Jun 1826 - 23 March 1844. (Mary could be something else.) (not read)  6683 **
Mary Ann,Hyman was born the 6th of June 1826 and died the 23rd of March, 1844.  (inscription not found n 2013)

* This stone is no longer completely readable with missing chunks of the left edge of the stone crumbling away.
**I saw & photographed other stones, but only found the one inscription.  The knowledge of this cemetery could be nearly lost. The stones were in a very large area full of massive oak trees and saw briars pricking away at ones patience leaving moving around a major challenge. In an environment like that it is impossible to make an assessment as to how many unmarked graves are present. The stones were in the western section of the central part of the cemetery, but the findings are sparse.  See Dorothy Johnson's book Cemeteries of Madison County  The above stones were two of the most difficult stones to read I ever attempted. Fahs could have been "Enas" or almost anything. Dr. and Mrs. Ezell Terry read the .stone as "Mary Ann Hyman."

Census, Nov. 16, 1850 Dist 34, Madison County Alabama, HH #434
Name            Age/b. state/ value of property
Hyman, Reddie,  57 NC, Farmer, $800
Hyman, Sarah,   53 NC
Hyman, Charles, 25 Ala,    none
Ford, Martha,   26 Ala

Census, Jun 20 1860 Dist 1, Madison County Alabama, HH #386 PO Box Hayes Store.
Name            Age / b. state / gender / value of property
Himan, Reddick,  66,  NC, M, Farmer, $5,000/$9,000 (might I assume the name is actually Reddick, [CWA 14 Apr 2014])
Himan, Charles,  35,  Ala, M
Himan, Mary,     3,   Ala, F
Morris, Thomas, 20,  Ala, M Farm laborer

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin using photos dated 6 Dec 2012. Added here 14 Apr 2014 by the same. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol II, Page 239 by Dorothy Johnson. She spent a lot of effort trying to decipher these stones and I did too.