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Mapping the location

Area overview of the cemetery outside the cemetery: 7072/7074/7075/7076/7077

GARNER, Eliza W., (b. cir 1844) - 8 Aug 1851, in her 7th year. 7048C/7048
Sacred to the memory of Eliza W. Garner, departed this life Aug. 8th, 1851, in her 7th year.

GARNER, Margaret V., (b. cir Sep 1852 - 11 Aug 1853, Age 11 months.
IN memory of Margaret V. Garner, died Aug. 11th, 1853, 11 months old.

HARDIN, James W., 1 Aug 1902 - 25 Apr 1919. 7038/7036/7037
JAMES W. HARDIN, AUG 1, 1902 APR 25, 1919. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

HEREFORD, John W., Born 20 Nov 1832 - died 2 Jan 1887, Pvt Co E. 6th Ala Infantry, Confederates States Army. Military Marker:7041/Original Marker:7043/7044
Head:JOHN W. HEREFORD, BORN Nov. 20, 1832 DIED Jan 2, 1887. Military:JOHN W. HEREFORD,

HEREFORD, James W., Son of John W. G Clara Hereford, 23 Nov 1882 - 10 Apr 1884. 7039/7040
James W. Hereford, Son of John W. G Clara Hereford. Born Nov. 23. 1882, died April 10, 1884.

HEREFORD, Theodric M., Born in Louden Co., Va., 29 Aug 1792 - 2 Oct 1870.
IN MEMORY OF Theodric M. Hereford, Born in Louden Co., Vr., Aug. 29, 1792 - died Oct. 2nd, 1870.

HEREFORD, Mrs. L. Q. - Born July 16, 1791 - died Sept. 9, 1878. 72 years a Christian. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.) Theodorick M. Hereford married Lucy Q. Powell 30 Sep 1836
In memory of Mrs. L. Q. Hereford, Born July 16, 1791 - died Sept. 9, 1878., 72 years a Christian. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

HEREFORD, Eliza W., wife of Theodorick M. Hereford, 28 Jul 1796 - 26 Oct 1835. (Nee Eliza W. Sale)
7052/7050/7051/original unchalked:7049/7057/footstone E.W.H.: 7070/7071
In memory of Eliza W., wife of Theodorick M. Hereford. Born July 28, 1796, died October 26, 1835.

KELLY, Eugene Lee, - Born June 13, 1872 - died Aug. 27, 1893. A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home that never can be filled. (inscription not found 2013)

POWELL, Leven, 1 Sep 1817 - 13 Jan 1864.
7062/7061/7069/footstone L.P.:7068
IN memory of LEVEN POWELL, Born Sep 1, 1817 - died Jan. 13, 1864.
POWELL, Francis Eppes A. Harris, wife of Leven Powell, 14 Nov 1828 - 10 Mar 1907.
7063C/7063/7069/footstone F.A.H.P.:7064/7065 *
Francis Eppes A. Harris Powell, wife of Leven Powell, born Nov. 14, 1828, died March 10, 1907. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Surveyed on a wet rainy day. This makes for a few blurred photos due to low light.

The two Powell graves were enclosed by a wrought iron fence within the cemetery. *I have an ancestor Francis Epps b. 1799 Va. who was a male. For ladies this given name is traditionally spelled Frances with the "e". The Frances Powell here either had a maiden name of Epps and she married a Harris prior to her marriage to Leven Powell or she had the maiden surname Harris indicating she was probably one of the daughters the many Harris ancestors around the Howell community of Lincoln County. Her mother was perhaps a daughter of an earlier Francis Epps b. abt 1770 or so. The name Eppes is inserted after the Francis and before the "A" suggesting this is not a surname.
Those Francis Epps' of old were named after each other for several generations and various branches of the Epps family including the son-in-law of Thomas Jefferson our country's founder. This continued to be so for at least three generations in Lincoln County Tennessee. This naming trait was true of the Epps even for those whom I cannot prove to be the descendents of Thomas Jefferson. Best I can tell the line of Francis Wayland Eppes who was Thomas's son-in-law moved off to Florida and died there, probably leaving more Francis Eppes to be sorted out by those of us thirsty to be connected to our country's grand founding father Thomas Jefferson. They spelled the name Eppes as on the tombstone above. [CWA 8 Apr 2014]

I am told this was the Hereford Plantation at one time so there must be a slave graveyard here somewhere even though there may not be formal headstones.

Census, Nov. 24, 1850:
Hereford, Theodorick (57) Va, Farmer, $7000.
Hereford, Lucy        (58) Va
Hereford, Margaret   (22) Ala
Hereford, Robert      (19) "
Hereford, John        (17) "
Hereford, Charles     (15) "


Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin using photos dated 30 Jan 2013 by C. Wayne Austin. Added here 8 Apr 2014. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol 1, Page 133 by Dorothy Johnson.