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Mapping the Location

Overview of the Cemetery: 6300

, 1767, South Carolina, - Apr., 1851 Madison County, Alabama, h/o Charity Griffin (1797 - ____)Burial plot at GPS (lat/lon): 34.85536, -86.62724. 6299

GRIFFIN, Charity
, 1797, South Carolina - death date unknown, 2nd w/o Joseph Griffin (1767 - 1851) After Joseph's death she later remarried in 1857 a Hobbs.* Burial plot at GPS (lat/lon): 34.85536, -86.62724 6298

*Since there were unlikely to be children by this late marriage it is probable that she chose or her children made the decision to be buried by her earlier husband Joseph Griffin. A son Joseph Casen Griffin, was the first born of Joseph and Charity. Charity was the 2nd wife of Joseph b. 1767.

These previously lost stones turned up in a barn yard with stones that were newly set since about 1950. They are in danger of being lost. They are flat in the ground and only by the efforts of the the farm caretaker are they not being trampled by large farm equipment & livestock. The caretaker showed me where he had placed two poles seen in the photo above next to the stones to keep them visible.


From: Sherry Griffin-Grundy <>
To: Wayneal1 <>
Subject: Griffin Cemetery Madison County Alabama - Monroe Road. Joseph Griffin

Date:Sat, Feb 16, 2013 8:42 pm

Hello Wayne:

I saw your recent posting of a headstone for Joseph Griffin b. 1767 in South Carolina and d. April, 1851, in Madison County, Alabama.
Joseph Griffin is my 4th Great-Grandpa. I’m really surprised to see this! I see your notes about the location, and if I’m reading your Griffin Cemetery notes correctly, this is a replacement stone that was made. It is curious that Charity also has a stone there, since
she later remarried a Hobbs in 1857 after Joseph’s death and I’d be surprised that she was buried on Joseph’s property. My 3rd Great-Grandpa,  Joseph Casen Griffin, was the first born of Joseph and Charity (Charity was his 2nd wife).
There are notes in the Madison County cemetery records that there was a small footstone that listed “J.G.,” and the landowner at the time, name not provided, indicated that the original headstone had been damaged in a fire on the property, but Joseph had been buried on his property. The property at the time of the interview was known as the Jenkins Place.

“On a nearby farm, known then as a “Jenkins place” a footstone marked J.G. the owner said the headstone had been destroyed by heat from a fire but he was buried about 70 years ago, and his age stated as 86.” (Alabama Records 235, page 57)

I was in Alabama on a visit in October 2012 and we drove up to Merdianville to see Joseph’s land, 160 acres. I’m wondering if you might have any contact information for the farm manager you spoke with. I’d be interested in contacting them and determining the location specifically.  We will be visiting again in October this year and I would very much like to see the stones and learn anything more the manager may know. We are so pleased to see that the marker stones are there and being protected, even if they aren’t the originals, to remember Joseph and Charity. Our family would be honored to be able to visit and see them and the property. Our information on the property was that the land was off the southwest corner of Lebanon Rd. and Patterson Lane. We did drive down Monroe Rd.  and I’m familiar with that area and views from Google Earth. There was some information also that Joseph had 80 acres off of Monroe Rd also, but the larger farm was the 160 at the location above.

Thank you very much.

Sherry Griffin Grundy
Carson City, Nevada
(530) 318-3948 Cell

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin from photos dated 5 Nov 2012 & other information. This cemetery was not presented in the book "Cemeteries of Madison Co. Al." by Dorothy Johnson abt 1978. Added here with appropriate commentary & editing by Wayne Austin 26 Mar 2014.