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Area views of the cemetery monuments: 2959/2962/2963/2964
Historic house nearby: 2956

CAMPBELL, Charles W.,
1883 - 1884, Infant son of John W. & M. A. Campbell. 2957C/2957/2958

Departed this Life 17 Feb 1847, in the 40th year of her age. Erected by R. H. Golightly.  2960C/2960/2961
Inscription: SARAH GOLIGHTLY Departed this life Feb. 17, 1847. In the 40th year of her age. Erected by R.H. Golightly

The story goes that Sarah and Hugh could not get along. It is said there was alcohol involved at least on his part. So they agreed to be buried 5 miles apart. True to that legend is this monument along Shady Grove Road deep in the forest and her husbands monument in a well cared for cemetery about (yes) 5 miles away in Golightly Cemetery.

I was told by the home owner in front of this cemetery the monument is behind the home where Hugh & Sarah Golightly lived at one time

Sarah Golightly is also listed on the stone with her husband Hugh Golightly in the Golightly Cemetery several miles from this place inscribed as follows: "Sarah E. Wilson, wife of Hugh Golightly, died Feb 17, 1847."

The monument says she died in the 40th year of her age. Hence 1847-40 = 1807, hardly precise. She could have been born as early as Feb 18, 1806 and still be forty on 17 Feb 1847. Chances are 83% she was born in 1806 because there were 10 months of possibilities in 1806 and only 2 months in 1807. So to calculate the mathematical probability she was born in 1806, it is 10/12 or 83%.  [Pop math quiz at 0100 hours. CWA]

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