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This topographical map shows the GPS of the Sarah Golightly Cemetery of Madison Alabama. The location is indicated in the center of the map. There is a general GPS location published by other mapping companies that is incorrect. This is correct and believable within about 50 feet.
At the intersection of Highway 72 and Old Rail Road Bed Road travel north several miles and turn left onto Highway 53 (Ardmore Hwy). Turn off of (Hwy 53) Ardmore Highway west and go 3 tenths of a mile on Shady Grove Road to a new house on the left in front of the cemetery. After permission go behind the house and follow a well defined field road 400+ yards south until it opens out into a small field. Stop while standing in the field road and look 90 degrees left (or north) under the trees and the tall monument can be seen under the cedar and pine trees. In other words the big monument is seen inside an iron fence as you come out into the open field.

Notice the red check indicating the cemetery location and the faint yellow trail of the Shady Grove Rd and field road to the cemetery.

With this more precise view we can see the field opening and the red check showing the trees where the cemetery will be located under. 
Maps from Google & MS Streets 2004, MS Bing modified for this site by Wayne Austin 20 Apr 2011.