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Mapping the location

Area Views of the cemetery: 6642/6643/6644/6654

Memorial Stone #1
HOLLOWELL, Mary Hollowell, wife of Wm. D. Hollowell,
Mar 29, 1810 - Oct 1, 1849.
HOLLOWELL, Sarah Elizabeth,
Jul 29, 1831 - Jul 23, 1837.
HOLLOWELL, Yeddock Sherrock,
Sep 29, 1835 - Jun 13, 1837.
Apr 2,1846 -  Apr 20, 1846. Blessed are the dead that die In the Lord.
Memorial Stone #2
HOLDING, Mrs. Susan Holding, (1st) wife of Rd. (Richard) Holding & daughter of Wm. Echols, Sen.,
Aug 6, 1792 -  Aug 15, 1825. Peace be with you. (Richard Holding is interred in the Holding Cemetery.**) 6640C/6640/6641/6642
Memorial Stone #3
ROYSTER, Mrs. Nancy Royster, daughter of Wm. Echols, Sr., 
Mar 22, 1797 - Aug 22, 1827.
ECHOLS, William P. Echols, Son of Larkin and Judith Echols,
Apr 15, 1830 -  Oct 18, 1831.
ECHOLS, Sarah F. Echols, Daughter of Judith and Larkin Echols,
October, 1833 -  Jul 29, 1835. Aunt we are with you.

**The Holding Cemetery was moved to the Old Madison City Cemetery. There were two large monuments on the premises (GPS 34.641758, -86.760001) of the Huntsville International Airport, in the International Intermodal Field, adjacent to the East side of Wall-Triana Hwy. Stones were for Richard Holding, Amelia Holding (2nd w/o Richard Holding) & son Benjamin F. Holding. These monuments can now be found in the Old Madison City Cemetery.  [CW Austin 24 Mar 2014]

Note: I (Dorothy Johnson) first canvassed this cemetery in about Spring of 1970. When I re-checked it in April, 1978 someone had made an attempt to clear the trees and brush (which helped), but it is still terribly overgrown. The tombstones are all off their pedestals and lying on the ground. [Dorothy Johnson, 1978]

Census, Dec. 16, 1850
Hollowell, William D.,   50 NC, Merchant, $10,000. (buried - Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville Madison Co AL)
Hollowell, Wm. E.,        18 Ala. Merchant's Clerk
Hollowell, Susan A.,     16 Ala
Hollowell, Joseph T.,   14 Ala
Hollowell, Mary W.,     12 Ala
Hollowell, Luther A.,     4 Ala
Hodges, Elizabeth,      32 Ala

Census, Dec. 9, 1850
Echols, William,         50 Va  Merchant, $16,000
Echols, Mary S.,        41 Va
Echols, Mary,            16 Ala
Echols, Larkin W.,     14 Ala
Echols, David H.,       11 Ala
Echols, James H.,       9 Ala
Echols, Charles,          6 Ala
Echols, Susan,            4 Ala
Echols, Ellen,             2 Ala
Echols, Eliza Ann,     10 Ala

Listings developed using photos dated 6 Dec 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. Added here with appropriate commentary & editing by C Wayne Austin 24 Mar 2014. Also listed in the book Cemeteries of Madison County Alabama, by Dorothy Johnson 1978, Vol II  page 235.