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DEMENT CEMETERY, (Research Park Blvd aka Martin Luther King Blvd), MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA

This topographical map shows the GPS of the Dement Cemetery of Madison Alabama. The location is indicated in the center of the map.

At the intersection of Highway 72 and Research Park Blvd. go north about 6 miles and go under the TVA transmission lines. Immediately look to your right at a clump of trees due east & about 200 yards out in a cultivated field. You will not be able to visit this cemetery except between growing seasons without trampling on the farmers crops. Since private land is all around the cemetery secure permission to go here, which will also tell you when you can visit this cemetery and get along with the farmer who may only be the lessee. You can walk down the Transmission line right of way and get closer to the cemetery from the south side. ALTERNATIVE LOCATION: Sec. 32-2S-1W. Approx. S/2 S/2 SE/4.

Notice the small red check indicating the cemetery location inside the tree lined thicket (as of now small very thick Sassafras trees).

Notice from this aerial view from Google one can get much closer by following east down the transmission line right of way and then turning due north (left) and go across the field to the thicket where I placed my red check. My visit here was between crops so I did not have to take the alternate route. Another thing is to visit this cemetery on foot so you leave no vehicle tracks that pack the soil down creating a crop growing problem for the farmer.
Maps from Google & Topozone modified for this site by Wayne Austin 10 Nov 2012.