DEMENT CEMETERY, (Research Park Blvd aka Martin Luther King Blvd), MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA

Mapping the location

The cemetery viewed in the distance from standing beside the Boulevard shooting due east at the graveyard: 0712/shooting just to the left:0713/even further left (northeast):0714/another thicket - may be a slave graveyard - no stones:0715/shooting just to the right:0716/at the graveyard east:0717/shooting nearly north: 0718
Area views of the cemetery: 0676/0677/0678/0679/0680/0681/0704/0705/0706/0709/0710/0711

DEMENT, John, Sacred to the Memory of John Dement, died June 26, 1848 in the 51st Year of his age. 0689C/0689/0690/0691/footstone J.D.:0692/0693
DEMENT, Celia W., Sacred to the Memory of Celia W. Dement, died Oct. 30, 1852 in the 51st Year of her age. 0682C/0682/footstone C.W.D.:0683/0684
DEMENT, Elverton F., Sacred to the Memory of Elverton F. Dement, died Nov. 22, 1854 in the 23rd Year of his age. 0685C/0685/0686/footstone E.F.D.:0687/0688
DEMENT, Alfred T., Sacred to the Memory of Alfred T. Dement Died Aug: 18, 1841 in the 20th year of his age. (This headstone buried 3 inches below the soil and held down by the tree roots, face down. I freed it up and was able to lift it out, for reporting the first time ever. Dorothy Johnson in her 1979 book says she was unable to free it from the tree roots.)  0698/0700/0701/footstone A.T.D.:0702/0703
DEMENT, Philip L., (born ca 1840) Died July 31st 1841. Age 1 year. 0699/0700/0701
, Sacred to the Memory of Robert H. Heriford, died Oct. 18, 1854 in the 25th Year of his age. 0694C/0694/0695/footstone R.H.H.:0696/0697Fieldstones (2 ea.) that may mark unknown graves:0707/0708

Federal Census, Oct. 25, 1850:
Name                 -   Age - St. of Birth - Other known information

Dement, Celia W.    (47)  Ky.,    Value of Estate: $2,000.
Dement, Jefferson  (20) Ala.,  Medical student. (J. J . married Cornelia Binford 1-27-1869.)
Dement, Elverton    (18)  Ala.,  Farmer (no marriage info found)
Dement, Cornelia    (15)  Ala.,   (Cornelia  Dement married Robert H. Hereford 9-3-1851.)
Dement, Martha     (12)  Ala.,   (Mattie E. Dement married Lucien B. Burris 2-7-1855.)
Dement, Ann          (07)  Ala.,  (Ann K. Dement married Benjamin R. Thompson 1-17-1861.)
Dement, Low          (04)  Ala.,  (no other info known)

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 11 Nov 2012 using photos dated 9 Nov 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. This cemetery was also shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol 1 page 159 by Dorothy Johnson and others.


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