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Mapping the Location

Overviews of the Davie Cemetery: 7013/7021/7024/7025
Photos made on a rainy day and others not used: 7007/7008/7009/7010/7011/7012/7014/7015/7016/7017/7018/7019/7743/7744/7745

DAVIE, Robert, (1758 - 7 Oct 1846 in his 89th year. (box tomb). Note: Robert Davie was a Revolutionary Soldier. (box tomb).  D.A.R Plaque:7005/Original stone:7743C/7009C/7743/7023/7006
In Memory of Robert Davie, a native of Person Cty., N. Carolina. who Departed this Life October the 7th, A.D., 1846 in his 89th year.

DAVIE, Levicy, wife of Robert Davie, daughter of Isaac & Mary Willborn, 3 Sep 1781 - 28 Sep 1849. (box tomb). Note: Levicy Willborn was Robert Davie's second wife. He had children in No. Car. who did not come to Alabama with him.
 Original stone:7745C/7745/7020
In Memory of Levicy Davie, consort of Robert Davie, deceased, and daughter of Isaac & Mary Willborn, born Sept. 3, A.D., 1781, died Sept. 28, 1849.

DAVIE, Robert Wellborn, Eldest son of Robert and Levicy Davie, cir 1812 -  30 Oct 1837, Ag
e 25 Years. (box tomb).
Original stone:7744C/7008C/7744/7022/7006
In Memory of Robert Wellborn Davie, the eldest son of Robert and Levicy Davie who died October the 30th, A. D., 1837 in his 25th year.

Tree Moss & Algae was so dense in this cemetery it was rather difficult to properly read these monuments. The trees should be thinned here, before they start dropping branches on the tombs.
Note: The present (1970) landowners bought this property from a Mrs. Robinson (deceased) who was a Davie descendant.

Census, Nov. 6, 1850
Davie, Gabriel S. (37) Ga., doctor - $7,000. Gabriel S. Davie married Brancy Ann McDavid 24 Jan 1837. Also, see McDavid Cemetery.

Census, Nov. 6, 1850
Herrin, James W. (28) Ala. , farmer
Herrin, Nancy (20) Ala.
Herrin, Eliza ( 4) Ala.
Davie, Sarah S. (18) Ala.
Davie, Gabriel S. (15) Ala.

Census, Nov. 24, 1850

McDavid, Nancy (48) N. C. - $8000.
Davie, Brancy J. ( 1) Ala.


Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin using photos dated 30 Jan 2013 by C. Wayne Austin. Added here 25 Mar 2014. This cemetery was shown in the book "Cemeteries of Madison County", Vol I, page 40 by Dorothy Johnson. abt 1978.