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This topographical map shows the GPS of the Cornelius Cemetery. The location is indicated in the center of the map as marked. Specific Location:
Section 33 Township 2 S. / Range 1 W. C. W/2 W/2 SE NE.

At the intersection of Pulaski Pike and Bob Wade Lane, going east, travel 1/2 mile and look left (north) out into the field at a clump of trees where the cemetery resides. This is in the direction of a leftward bend in the road.

This zoomed in map with a red check shows where the cemetery can be found in a tree lined thicket. Be prepared to fight the dense brush to get into the cemetery and also to see the stones. Also you can go here only in certain times of the year without harming the farmer's crops.
Maps from ACME 2, Google & MS Streets 2004, MS Bing modified for this site by Wayne Austin 18  Dec 2012.