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This aerial map shows the GPS of the Clark Cemetery of Madison Alabama.
Section 22-2S-1W. SE NE NE NW. Located a few yards from the above Mitchell Cemetery in a clump of trees and bushes.

At the intersection of Hwy 231 & Winchester Road go north about 5 miles and turn west (left) on Monroe Road and go about 2 miles and look left at a tree lined fence row spanning north/south as shown on the aerial view below. Follow the fence row 100 Yards south on a field road and stop and go directly east into and across the fence row and then across a short opening and the cemetery is in that round shaped tree grove to the east of you. You will see the two stones, one standing, and the Robert Clark Stone broken but half of it is standing.

This zoomed in map with a red check shows where the cemetery can be found in this thicket which appears to be one big woodland but in fact the cemetery is separate little round thicket.
Maps from ACME, MS Streets 2004, & Google modified for this site by Wayne Austin 20 Nov 2012.