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Mapping the location

Area overviews of the cemetery: 3831/3832/3833/3834/3835

BOGGS, James C.
, In Memory of James C. Boggs, son of Samuel and Sarah J. Boggs. Born Nov 13, 1843 - died July 1, 1844. (box tomb] (not found in Jul 2012 survey)
CAVETT, Richard, In Memory of Richard Cavett, born 1763 - died In 1844. Revolutionary War Soldier. (box tomb) 3813L
CAVETT, Ruth, In Memory of Ruth Cavett, Consort of Richard Cavett, Born in 1766 - died In 1843. (box tomb)
CAVETT, William W.,  In Memory of William W. Cavett. Born July 22, 1809 - died January 10, 1853. [box tomb]
CAVETT, Moses, In Memory of Moses Cavett who died June 16, 1852 aged 65 years. (box tomb)
CAVETT, Alexander, Born May 19, 1797 - Died July 31, 1841 (marble obelisk marker)
CAVETT. Louise E., Born March 11, 1839 - Died Nov. 1, 1842. (small marble upright]
BRUST, Sherman L., Born Dec. 18, 1874 - Died Dec. 30, 1888. (upright headstone crushed into many parts. I assembled them best I could for the photo; part of footstone S.L.B. mixed in): 3842
ROZELLE, Sue E., wife of John G. Rozelle, born September 27, 1860 - Died October 4, 1884. She has fought a good fight, she has finished her course. She has kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for her a crown of righteousness.

Unknown dismantled box tomb(s) - probably the box tomb for Moses Cavett and/or James C Boggs above as found by Dorothy Johnson - no top found: 3833/3834/3835/3836/3837/3838

Unknown stones probably marking graves: 3839/3840

There were several unmarked graves In this large plot and several graves marked with unlettered fieldstones. This cemetery has been sadly neglected for many years and all the box tombs have fallen in and many broken. The inscriptions are on the tops and are becoming so weathered they will be impossible to read in a few years. This cemetery lies in an ignored woodland thicket and is overgrown so as to resemble a Jungle. As usual I cut my way into the site and cut brush around the stones for the photos.

All of the box tombs were dismantled and the tops with the inscription were hard to find in the debris, so it is not surprising that I missed two of the above box tombs. It is possible that if I went back and cleared more of the brush and probed around one or both of the missing box tops could be found.

More information on the Cavett Family

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 17 Nov 2012, using photos dated 4 Jul 2012 by the same. Added here 18 Nov 2012. This cemetery was shown in the book Cemeteries of Madison County Alabama Vol II page 241 by the Dorothy Johnson. 1980s