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This topographical map shows the GPS of the Bouldin-Hammond Cemetery of Madison Alabama. The location is indicated in the center of the map using Cem.

At the intersection of Wall Triana go east on Harvest Road to West Highland Road. Turn south (or right) there and go 2/3 mile to Robins Road and turn left (east). Turn north on Stoney Point Drive (subdivision Rd) and go about 1/4 mile and when the road bend eastward look right and you will see the thicket of trees where the cemetery is located. It is hard to get into this cemetery because of the brush. Go there only in the winter. The cemetery site belongs to the gentleman toward the dne of the street on the left. This is private land so permission should be acquired.

Here we see the clump of trees where the cemetery resides.

Notice the red check indicating the cemetery location. Amy who lives in the house south of there has adopted and therefore made it her mission to accumulate the available history on this historic cemetery. You will need the land owner's and her intelligent consent to take any action on this cemetery other than to survey.
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