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Area views of the cemetery: 0604/0605/0634/0635/0636/0637/0638/0639/0653/0654/0655/0656/0657/0658

BAYLESS, Sanford C.,  Born December 8th 1807 - Died Oct. 31, 1873 aged 65 yrs., 10 mo., & 23 days. 0625C/0625/0626/0627
BAYLESS, Frances E. (Ford), Born Jan. 13, 1823 - Died June 9, 1869 Aged 46, yrs. , 4 mo., & 26 days. 0620C/0620/0621/0622/0624
BAYLESS, Susan E., wife of J. A. Bayless - Born April 7, 1849 - Died Jan. 24, 1885 Aged 35 Yrs., 9 Mo., 17 Days. (death records say she died of Pneumonia; John A. Bayless -m- Susan E. McCaleb, License Jan. 8, 1872. Bond signed by John A. Bayless and S. C. Bayless. (Grave stone not found 2 may 2014)
BAYLESS, T. H. (Thomas H.), Born Dec, 21, 1826 - Died July 9, 1900. (Stone broken and in danger) 0591/footstone T.H.B.:0592
BAYLESS, Martha A., Wife of T. H. Bayless. Born March 16, 1832 - Died November 12, 1892. (maiden name was Smith), (stone broken) 0600/footstone M.A.B.:0601/Grave photo:0602/stone back on its base:0610/0603
BAYLESS, Mattie, Dau. of T. H. & M. A. Bayless. Born & Died Jan. 26, 1863. (stone broken) 0611/0606
BAYLESS, Edley S., son of Thomas H. & Martha A. Bayless. Born March 1, 1853 - Died Decr. 22, 1853.  0612/0607
BAYLESS, Johnie, son of R. B. & M. H, Bayless, Born and Died March 21, 1884. 0589C/0589
BAYLESS, Tommie B., son of R. B. & M. H. Bayless. Born October 15, 1885 - Died August 25, 1887. 0587C/0587/0588/0590
BAYLESS, Allie S., Infant Son of John A. and Susan E. Bayless. Born Feb. 11, 1873 - Died Oct. 11, 1874. 0629/0628/footstone A.S.B.:0630
BELL, William H., Born July 15th, 1801 - Died April 11th 1830. (William H. Bell was the son of Teemer Bell who owned this place at one time. Seems like that was before the Bayless') 0613/0614/0615
McCALEB, (Mr, Lawler stated that some of the McCaleb family members were buried here but their graves are not marked. He stated that "Mr. J. E, McCaleb's mother" was buried
here in an unmarked grave.)

GRAVES, Alvin O., Born Feb. 8, 1860 - Died March 7, 1887. (Mr. Graves, a Southern Railroad employee 0was standing on a box car waving to someone just as the moving train went under a bridge. This knocked him off the car to his death.)(stone fallen and on the ground) 0582C/0582/0583//footstone A.O.G.:0584
GRIMMETT, Johnnie D., Born May 21st 1872 - Died November 19th 1873 Aged 1 yr., 5 Mo. , 28 Days. Son of T. B. & B. A. Grimmett. (Note: Mr. Lawler stated that the father and brother of Johnnie D. Grimmett were also buried in this cemetery in unmarked graves. 0618/0619/footstone J.D.G.: 0616/0617
LAWLER, Altie A., wife of W. B, Lawler - Born Dec. 27. 1856 - Died June 23, 1884. (Inscription almost crumbled off) 0593/0595/footstone A.A.L.:0594/0596/overviews:0597/0598/0599
O'CONNELL, Virginia Bayless, Feb 10, 1908 - June 17, 2006. 0609
PETTY, Wiley H.,  Born Jul 10, 1937 - Mar 8, 2014, age 76. Recent grave - "Bama fan" 0632C/0632/grave overviews:0633/0634
TEAGUE, Leroy Hickman, son of Israel & Unity Teague - Born Oct 20, 1838 Died Sept. 19, 1841. (Israel Teague -m- Unity Miller. License Nov. 27. 1819) 0648/0652/0649/0650
TEAGUE, William Milton, son of Israel & Unity Teague - Aug 15, 1831 Died Sept. 18, 1841. 0651/0652/0649/0650
TEAGUE, Russell Crutcher, son of Israel & Unity Teague, Born January 21, 1843, Died April 5. 1865. (Civil war conscription age and died about the end of the war?): 0641/0642/0643/0644/0645

"P. . . AD BO. . . Inf. Born Sept. 29th 1868. . . . B. . . " (This hand carved fieldstone was next to impossible to read - Was not found 2 May 2014.
"GREEN" No other information 0647
IN MEMR of FME BOgIETA BORN JULy02, 1859 DIEDAU 26 fEB 1868. (hand hand carved fieldstone is not clear.) (Could this be EME Bayless b 1859 d. 1868, or any name. I could not find any evidence there was ever such a surname as Bogieta. The name could be anything since this was a stage coach stop over. 0646C/0646CC/0646
At the foot of T. H. Bayless's grave is a large fieldstone marking a separate grave, that of an unknown woman. She took ill on the stage which traveled between Winchester, Tenn. and Huntsville, Ala. Since this was a stage stop for a change of horses, the lady got off the stage and was going to stay at the Bayless home until she recovered, however, she died. This occurred during the Civil War and her son was in the Confederate army. After the war the son visited her grave with intentions of erecting a monument but for some reason he did not. The name of the lady has been forgotten.
Unknown soul: Footmarker no inscription on either side: 0631/showing no headstone found even though I looked with a probe:0640

Federal Census, Nov. 9, 1850 Winchester Rd Fam#303, Dist 34 Madison Co Ala.
, Sanford   43 Tenn, farmer - $800. (Sanford C. Bayless -m- Frances Ford May 18, 1836)
Bayless, Frances   30   Ala
Bayless, Thomas   13   Ala
Bayless, Rebecca  11   Ala
Bayless, Ann           8   Ala
Bayless, John         1   Ala
Ford, Rebecca       50  Unk
Ford, Nancy          32   Ala
Ford, Sarah           11  Ala

Census, Oct. 30, 1850

Teague. Israel     54   SC, Farmer - $4,000.
Teague. Unity     48   SC
Teague. U. L.      14  Ala
Teague. Russell   8   Ala
Gray, Mat V.       25   Ala, Schoolteacher
Gray, Elvira,       20   Ala

Note: When Dorothy Johnson copied this cemetery about 1970 this farm was owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Lawler (born 1885). Even though Mr. Lawler was elderly he was spry and his mind was as alert as a youngster's. He was well acquainted with the history of the community, with his farm, and the people buried in the Bayless cemetery behind his barn. Mr. Lawler was able to supply information on some of the people buried here.

ROJO DRAKEY, 1988 - 2004, Our faithful Companion, A dog or horse or pet of some kind. Folks I do not recommend burial of pets in a human cemetery. I think it is disrespectful to the folks buried here to reduce them to the status of an animal and hey I love my kitty kat too. I feel so strongly about this that I may consider a suit or charges to have this grave removed in light of the fact that this is an ancestral cemetery of my wife. There are plenty of reputable pet cemeteries around. It is or should be against the law. Maybe someone should start a cemetery just for folks that want to be buried with their dogs or pets, but as for me and mine, people have a soul and animals do not belong in the same graveyard. Read your Bible. Even if you don't believe the Bible it is still disgusting. Imagine 100 years is past and the only part of this inscription that survived a tree falling on it is ROJO DRAKEY. Now you've got major confusion of great proportion. Someone would be asking who is heck is Rojo Drakey??

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin using photos dated 2 May 2014. Added here 3 May 2014 by the same. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol II, Page 227-228 by Dorothy Scott Johnson.