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This aerial map shows the GPS of the Battle Cemetery of Madison County Alabama. The location is indicated in the center of the map marked. GPS N 34.88715 X W 86.52403.
Alternative Location: Range 1 East, Township 2, Section 9, NE, NW, NE. As you can see the cemetery is more than 1/4 mile behind the house. 
Approx. 1/2 mile south/south-east of the Echols Hollowell Cemetery. Follow dirt road past Echols-Hollowell Cem to clump of trees on left (1985-obsolete instructions). Better instructions: Go north on Hwy 231 to Grimwood Road and turn east (right) (called Waker Lane east instead of Grimwood Lane) and go more than a mile on Walker Lane and turn right on Moores Mill Rd and when that dead ends in about a 1/2 mile turn left and stay on Mooresville Mill Road. Follow that east for 1/2 mile and turn south or right on County Rd 53 still called Moores Mill Rd. Go about a 1/2 mile again and turn right into the farm driveway at about address 8800 for permission to go to the back side of their farm property to visit this cemetery. Cattle are present so this is a "do not disturb the animals" moment. Follow the farm roads to the tree lined thicket in the distance in the middle of a very large field due west of Moores Mill Road/Farm entrance. but slightly south. Go to the south of the large pond. If you have permission an easier way is to have a small ladder to get over a fence without damaging it and come at the cemetery from the south from one of the open lots of the subdivision as shown on the above GPS map. Bear in mind the subdivision is also private property, so an added set of permissions required.

Notice the red marker in the center of a clump of trees where the cemetery resides. The subdivisions are south of our map. Once you cross the fence with your ladder there are no other obstruction except maybe a mean Brahma Bull. HA! Since there are cattle present it will do no good to attempt to stand up any of the fallen Markers because the cattle will knock them back down in short order and may even break them the second time. Well I don't know the answer because if you fence the cemetery the bushes will cause as much damage to the cemetery as the cattle over about 40 years. 
Maps from Google & MS Streets 2004, MS Bing modified for this site by Wayne Austin 18 Sep 2012.