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Mapping the Cemetery Location

Area over views of the Battle Cemetery: 6676/6677/6678/6679/6680/6681/6682

BATTLE, Josiah D., Sacred to the Memory of Josiah D. Battle. Born September 18th 1811 - Died January 2nd 1864. I know that my redeemer liveth.  No stone found except: Footstone J.D.B.:6661/6662
BATTLE, Mary E., Sacred to the Memory of Mary E. Battle. Born January 23rd 1817. Died March 25th 1872. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. 6663/Footstone M.E.B.: 6661/6662
BATTLE, Josiah Davis, Sacred to the Memory of Josiah Davis Battle. Born April 11th 1858 - Died April 29th 1882. His faults were few as human faults could be, and his virtues were as many as the sands beneath the sea.  6664/6665/Footstone J.D.B.: 6667
BATTLE, Cullen W.
, Sacred to the Memory of Cullen W. Battle - Born July 2nd 1854 - Died August 23rd 1854. 6655/backside:6656/Footstone C.W.B.:6660
BATTLE, Lon, Sacred to the Memory of Lon Battle born August 20th 1846 - Died October 19th 1850. Asleep in Jesus. No stone found except the footstone L.B.: 6657/6658/6659
HAMPTON , Mary T. Battle, Front of tomb: Mary T. Battle, Born March 23, 1844 - Joined the Baptist church in Huntsville in 1867, Married Dr. J. P. Hampton Nov. 3, 1868, died May 5, 1884. 6668/6669
Side: I am the resurrection and the life.  Back: Thy faults were slight and few as human faults could be; and thy virtues were as many too, as gems beneath the sea. Side: He that believeth in me though he be dead, yet shall he live. Note: The stone of Mary T. Hampton was of fine quality. The rest were old sandstone.
HENDERSON, Ann E., Ann E. Henderson - Born Jun 7, 1807 Was Married to Rev. P. T. Henderson May 28, 1845, and Died December 29, 1882. (stone not found - this survey)
TALIAFERRO, Eliza M., Sacred to the Memory of Eliza M., consort of Dr. E. T. Taliaferro and daughter of J. D. & M. E. Battle. Born March 12, 1849, Fell asleep in Jesus March 2, 1883. There was no death the stars go down to rise upon some fairer shore and bright in Heavens Jeweled crown they shine forever more. 6674C/6674/6671/6672/6673/6675/Footstone not inscribed:6670/6666

A couple of the headstones, that for Josiah D. Battle the father, and Lon Battle, a son, are fallen and are missing with the footstone and grave still found. Likely what has happened is the headstones have fallen and sunken into the grave pits. To find them a probe is needed and lots of patience to probe over a wide area around the footstone. In most cases the stone will be 4 or less inches under the soil, but can be as  deep as six inches unless a big tree has fallen and the root ball sucked an impacted stone off into the pit and has covered it. In that case the stone may be as deep as 4 feet underground. To find that it is necessary to have sonar equipment. Also missing from this survey was the stone of Ann E. Henderson. This may have been an unmarked grave from the Madison County Cemetery book Volume I, however it also may be lost below the top of the ground. [CWA 26 Jan 2013]

Census, Oct. 29, 1850
Henderson, P. T.,     33  Tenn., School teacher
Henderson, Ann,       42  Rhode Island
Day, Charlot,         18  Va.
Bawgus, Mildred,      16  Ala
Bawgus, Mary,         15  Ala,
Fulks, Cintha,        14  Ala
Anderson. Octavia,    13  Ala
Strong, Georgianna,   12  Ala
True, Keziah,         13  Ala
Bronall, Catherine,   16  Ala
Kelly, Elizabeth,     16  Ala
Kelly, Elizabeth,     14  Ala
Kee, William,         36  Va., Farmer
Kee, Martha,          27  Va.
Kee, Marcell,          4  Ala.
Kee, Saline,           2  Ala.

Census, Oct. 30, 1850
Battle, Josiah D., 38 N.C., Farmer, $12,000. Josiah D, Battle married Mary E. McCrary 20 Dec 1837 (MB-4)
Battle, Mary       33 Ala.
Battle, Margaret   11 Ala.
Battle, Emma       10 Ala.
Battle, Jacob       8 Ala.
Battle, Mary        6 Ala.
Battle, Lucinda     4 Ala.
Battle, Eliza       1 Ala.

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 26 Jan 2013 using photos dated 6 Dec 2013 by C. Wayne Austin. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol II page 236 by the Dorothy Scott Johnson. Not presented on due to the difficulty of visiting this cemetery.