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Mapping the location

Area overviews of the cemetery: 9641/9642/9643/9644/9661/The dense thick containing the cemetery: 9662/9663/9664/9665

In loving memory of my father Dr. A. M. Barclay, died July 20, 1875 aged 52 years. I know that his redeemer liveth. (Anderson M. Barclay married Matilda N. Toney Dec 18, 1845.) 4664/4667/9638/9641
BARCLAY, Matilda N., Wife of A. M. Barclay, M. D. Died May 24, 1853 in her 27th year. (Note: The following inscription was on the back of this stone: In peace thy ashes slumber here. With those for whom the bitter tear was unavailingly given. Unequaled in each sphere of life. The sweetest sister, parent, wife. Thou angel brighten Heaven.  (Large Stone tumbled face down and only back side readable.) 9638/9641            
BARCLAY Harris, Sacred to the memory of Harris Barclay, aged 1 year, 1 mo., and 21 days. Died December 4, 1850. (son of A. M & Matilda N. Barclay).
BARCLAY, Clara, infant daughter of M. N. and A. M. Barclay, died September 2, 1852 aged 11 months.  (daughter of Dr. A. M & Matilda N. Barclay) 4663/
BARCLAY, Kate, Sacred to the memory of Kate Barclay, aged 2 years, 11 mo., and 7 days. Died July 21, 1850.
AIKIN, Cyrus Samuel, 1806 - Jan 10, 1842. son of Robert and Esther [née Gaston] Aikin, was born in Chester County, S. C.. (no stone found in this survey. Listing per GMG. see Biography
AIKIN, Mildred Spicer "Milly" NOBLE, Milly S. Akin was born Aug. 17, 1815 and died July 7, 1843. (Mildred S. Akin married Cyrus S. Atkin Apr 3, 1833; daughter of George Washington Noble and the former Elizabeth Spicer.)
9639/9640/More on Milly
TONEY, Harris,  In memory of Harris Toney, consort of Clarissa H. Toney, born February 19, 1795, died August 9, 1843. (Harris Toney & Clarissa Noble obtained marriage license on April 3, 1821) 9648/9649/9650  *
TONEY, Clarrissa, 1806 - died between 1860 & 1870 or average to 1865. (wife of Harris Toney, m. 1821) I find no gravestone for Clarrissa Toney in this cemetery. Please delete this record if at a later time a tombstone is found somewhere.)  *
TONEY, Charles A., October 16, 1829 - July 19, 1848.
COONS, Samuel W., July 14, 1817 - Dec. 4, 1877. (Samuel W. Coons married Martha E. Toney Sept. 18, 1843) 9656C/9656/9653/9657/other parts of this  multi-part monument:9658/9659/9660
Jan. 2, 1824 - March 16, 1877. (daughter of Harris & Clarissa Toney.)  4680/9654/9657/other parts of this multi-part monument:9658/9659/9660
COONS, Everett, Sept. 29, 1845 - May 9, 1867. (son of Samuel W. & Martha E. Coons)  4683/4682/second stone with no dates three feet away:9651/9652

Unknown graves covered in brush. Some of these tombstone parts may belong to the tombs that make up the memorials for the above:

*1850 Census, of Nov. 12, 1850:
Toney, Clarisa H.  (45) N.C.
Toney, Milly A.    (14) Ala.

*1860 Census of Jun 1, 1860 SW Div.  P.O. Madison Station, Madison County Alabama

Toney, Clarisa,    (54) Value of Realty/personal $13,000/$21,000, b. abt. 1806 NC (living alone. she disappears from the census of 1870 & 1880 indicating her death between those censuses.)

It is my judgment, based on  what I found, that several years ago this cemetery was bulldozed. All the stones were tumbled into contorted positions into several piles.  Since then it has undergone more destruction at the hands of the uncontrolled tree growth. Dense Privy Hedge is rampant here leaving navigation difficult including locating all the stones.  The wife of Dr A. M. Barclay, Matilda's monument has tumbled face down and cannot be read except for the back side epitaph. The Coons monument has fallen or been vandalized and is lying on the ground in its several parts. The inscribed parts has been turned up so that they can be read. The other monuments are old Box tombs that have been pushed up into piles. I cannot by any means confirm that all the monuments are accounted for though we found something to match to previous historians listings.  It is just difficult for me to comprehend that we can be so callous toward our ancestors graves.

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin 17 Sep 2012 using photos dated 17 May 2011 by C. Wayne Austin. Added here 18 Sep 2012. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol 1 page 305 by the Dorothy Johnson. Resurveyed 23 Sep 2012 photo series 46XX for some improvements to the documentation. Added a couple of unmarked graves per my research, and family history from George Gaston, Augusta, Georgia - GMG #47391530 19 Feb 2015.