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Mapping the Location

Area Views of the cemetery: 6339/6340/6341/6342/6343

BAILES, Eldridge, 1760 - 1835, PVT Continental Line Revolutionary War. Father of E. E. Bailes. Listed in 1830 census as being between the ages of 50-59 years. 6332
BAILES, Sarah Burnett,
(b. cir 1773) - died 13 Oct 1856, age 83 years, married Eldridge 14 Nov 1791.
BAILES, William H.,
11 Nov 1837 - 5 Feb 1863. 1st Lieut. Co. C. 4th Regt Russell's Ala. Calvary, Confederate States Army. (died during the war - combat casualty?)
BAILES, E. E., 7 Feb 1810 - 10 Aug 1884, Age 74 years, 6 months, 3 days. 6333/*Old discarded original stone:6338C/6338
BAILES, Delilah,
In Memory of Delilah Broyles Bailes, April 29, 1813 - August 1. 1901. At rest.
6334/*Old discarded original stone:6337C/6337
24 Jun 1780 - 14 May 1842,  PVT 16th Miss Militia, War of 1812,
BROYLES, Mary Vaught,
31 Aug 1780 - 12 Aug 1861, married Jacob Broyles 10 Apr 1802.
SPENCE, Eldridge B., (no dates) Co. I. 4th Ala Infantry, North Alabamians, Confederate States Army. 6328
WELLS, Rachel,
Died April 19. 1869 aged 71 years
WELLS, John,
Died October 8. 1857 aged 72 years.

lies here - unknown. I (Dorothy Johnson), was told that a man was buried here by the name of Anthony. There is an Edy Anthony listed in the 1830 Census and if that was Mr. Anthony's wife he died before that time. When I 1st visited this cemetery in 1970 there was an unmarked grave (that of Mr. Anthony) surrounded by a cedar fence but when I went back In 1977 the fence was gone and the cemetery was terribly overgrown. Evidently because the grave was unmarked someone abolished that evidence. [DJ 1978]

The Bailes cemetery is situated on a hill side overlooking the beautiful Hurricane Creek and Valley. Several years ago when l first visited this cemetery it was well kept but in 1976 it bad become so overgrown with foliage it was almost impossible to get to the stones. [DJ 1976] Today the cemetery has been restored and many of the lost graves now have new markers similar to the original ones if they ever existed. Nice job! Someone! Today this cemetery is now a part of a large lot subdivision and is being kept up. [CWA 15 Apr 2014]

* Some of you may ask why I presented those old broken stones. It is to show the history of this graveyard in that those were about the only stones left here in the year 1970 when Dorothy Johnson browsed this cemetery to present her book.

This cemetery is known as the Bragg Cemetery on maps, but that is in error, but then again there are some folks with the surname Bragg who are known to live in this neighborhood and they are missing from the grave records of Madison County. Also this surname Bailes may be hte same name as Bayless but with different spelling. THe Bayless and Bragg families intermarried in that area. Specifically Sanford & Elizabeth Ford Bragg are two graves missing but there are many others of those two families missing. There is some evidence there is an unmarked cemetery nearby on maps which may be a lost Bragg Cemetery, but then again that could be other Bragg's since that is a common surname in this valley. I am inclinded to believe now that the Bailes-Broyles Cemetery has unmarked graves that are now lost to us. [CWA 15 Apr 2014]

Census Oct. 30, 1850
Bales, E.(Eldridge), 38 Ohio, Farmer, $1,000
Bales, Delilah       38  Ala
Bales, William      12  Ala
Bales, L. M.        11  Ala
Bales, Benjamin     9   Ala
Bales, Thomas      8   Ala
Bales, Sarah        4   Ala
Broyles. Mary      65  N.C.
Spelts, Z.          27  S.C., Laborer

Census Oct. 30, 1850
Wells, John,     60   S.C., Farmer, $3,000.
Wells, Rachael,  50   S.C.
Wells, Lucinda,   30  Ala
Wells, David,     25  Ala
Wells, Eliza,      18  Ala   (married Robert M. Sloan Feb. 26, 1852)
Wells, George,    16  Ala
Wells, John,      24  Ala (John C. Wells married Sarah A. Edwards Oct: 19, 1846)
Wells, Sarah,     18  Ala
Wells, Sarah,   1/12  Ala

Listings & Links developed by C. Wayne Austin using photos dated 24 Feb 2013. Added here 14 Apr 2014 by C. Wayne Austin. This cemetery was shown in the book Madison County Cemeteries Vol II, Page 182 by Dorothy Johnson. She found only Eldridge Bailes, E.E. Bailes & the 2 Wells monuments indicating the other stones were added to the cemetery after 1977.