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YARBROUGH CEMETERY #1, (north road bank of Hwy 72 W. of Athens, 9 miles) , LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA

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Southside of large Yarbrough monument:
, 14 Aug 1840 - 21 Dec 1912. Military Marker: David A. Yarbrough,  Private, Co E., 9th Alabama Calvary, Confederates States Army, born 14 Aug 1840 - died 21 Dec 1912.
YARBROUGH, Martha A., 29 Dec 1850 - 12 Aug 1929, wife of D. A. Yarbrough.

Westside of large Yarbrough monument:

YARBROUGH, Lee H., died 28 May 1903.  Military Marker: Lee H. Yarbrough,  Private,  Co A., 11th Alabama Infantry, Confederates States Army, born 23 Jun 1844 - died 29 May 1903.
YARBROUGH, Mary G., died 20 Nov 1905. Footstone: M. G. Y. (likely for Mary G. Yarbrough) 1498
YARBROUGH, C. W.,  died 13 Aug 1921 Age 74 Years. Footstone: Chas W. Yarbrough (likely for C.W. Yarbrough) 1503

Northside of large Yarbrough monument:
YARBROUGH, Archie N./(or M.), died 1862. Military Marker: Archie M. Yarbrough,  Private, Co B. Alabama Infantry, Confederate States Army, 1843 - 1862 (died during the Civil War)
YARBROUGH, G. Fenner, died 1870.
YARBROUGH, Mary Williamson, died 5 Mar 1872. Footstone: M. W. Y. (likely for Mary Williamson Yarbrough) 1500

Other cemetery assets located along two rows:
Footstone: F. Y, (unknown, but could be for Fenner Yarbrough) 1502
Footstone: no initials (Unknown, Yarbrough) 1501

A tall monument shown above with all the inscriptions resides in the eastern edge of the cemetery with the graves lined up in two or more North/South rows with the grave foot facing west to east, with the various footstones marking them sometimes without much detail. The military markers were a part of the footstone markings of the graves. The Tall monument is too close to a cedar tree that threatens to topple it in time.

Added here 2 Dec 2009 by Wayne , aided by the efforts of Faye Bradford, no relation to these interred here. 
Other sources: page 516 of Limestone County Alabama Cemeteries by Linda Smith.