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With this map we see the GPS coordinates also known as the Longitude and Latitude of the Thach-Hussey Cemetery.

Find this cemetery by going into historic Mooresville Alabama and travel down Broad Street and pass off from the Paved Street into the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. If the gate is closed due to being closed in the winter then stop here and walk. Walk or ride for .34 of a mile and look west (right) into the old Mooresville Cemetery on the hill under the large trees. The road is maintained and not muddy. At about .4 of a mile the road turns to the east (left) so branch south. on a branch road. After about 20 yards  or now a total mileage of .450 you will exit into the large long field that spans southwest jutting into the Backwaters of the Tennessee River in the Limestone Creek boggs. After you exit into the field follow along the waters edge on the left side of the field for about 450 yards to the point the tree line juts the furtherest into the field. That is about the highest point of your walk along the left edge of the field. From there go left (east) into the trees 30 feet and find the cemetery lined up north to south with the graves & headstones facing east.

With this aerial map we see the route highlighted in yellow. A red Check marks the spot you will find the cemetery in this grove of trees. This is a walk. Do not destroy the field driving here. It might not even be legal to do that in this the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. Another way of stating the location is: SW quarter, Sect. 8, T5S, R3W south of Mooresville, Alabama on the Wheeler Refuge
Maps from Topozone, MS Streets & Trips, & MS Bing mapping modified for this site by C. Wayne Austin 3 Jan 2012.