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Mapping the Location

Views of the Cemetery and area: 8268/8269/8272/8275/8276/8277/8281/8282/8283/8284/8285/8286/8287/8288

HUSSEY, Mary Ann Thach,
w/o Dr. E. M., May 23 May 1828 - (Mary Ann Peete Hussey stone is now completely destroyed. Only the words "SEY" and her Infant Children" can be read along with the childrens' names. stone parts could not be located indicating the work of vandals instead of a falling tree; According to the journals of Thomas Hubbard Hobbs, Mary Ann Hussey and infants died during an epidemic of yellow fever.8280/8281
HUSSEY, Ann Peete,
d/o E.M. & M.A., "also her (Mary Ann Thach)  three Infants" (dates broken off) 8279/8280
HUSSEY, Thomas Morgan.
s/o E.M. & M.A., "also her (Mary Ann Thach) three Infants" (dates broken off) 8279/8280
HUSSEY, Uriah Edward,
s/o E.M. & M.A., "also her (Mary Ann Thach) three Infants" (dates broken off) 8279/8280
THACH, Thomas H.,
15 Aug 1791 - 15 --- ---- (month/year of death date broken off) 8265
THACH, Mary Jane Peete,
died before 1834, (The first wife of Thomas Thach, Mary Jane Peete, was dead by 1834, for the will of Benjamin Peete which was probated in that year mentioned his daughter, Mary Jane, as the late wife of Thomas Thach.)
THACH, Frances Ann,
27 Feb 1813 - 17 May 18?? 8266/8267
THACH, Robert H.,
died in Mooresville, 3 Sep 1837 - 4 Nov 1866. Pvt Co F. 9th Alabama Infantry, Confederate States Army. Green grow the grass on his tomb, sweet be his silent repose. Affections warm tear from his friend, and light on the steps of his foes. 8271/8272/8273/8274/8275
THACH, Charles F.,
30 Oct 1835 - 25 Feb 1859. 8263/8264

Some fieldstone that possibly could be marking graves, though they were out away from the other stones, and were not in-line with them: 8289/8290/8291/8292/8293

A 1915 TVA survey map showed this cemetery contained 8-10 graves.

Added here based on the site visit and photography of C. Wayne Austin 2 Jan 2012 & programming. Also published in the book Tombstone Inscriptions of Limestone County Cemeteries, Page 492, by Linda Smith. This book is available from the Limestone County Historical Society.