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This aerial view shows the GPS of the Peete Cemetery located near the Rail Road Tracks. 
This road map show the cemetery can be accessed by going south on Mooresville Road to the old Hwy 20 and turn (left) east there. Go past Greenbrier to the Segers Rd and turn (left) north. After you pass over the railroad tracks on Segers Rd look to your right and you will see a small thicket of trees far out in the field but close to the railroad tracks. The cemetery is in that grove of trees.
Actually the best way to access this cemetery is from Highway 20. Turn into the new Gas Pipeline access (gravel) road about 500 yards east of the intersection of Segers Road & Old Highway 20 and go north. Go by the Pipeline station and cross the railroad tracks. Immediately after crossing the tracks you will be on a field road. Turn right and follow parallel with the rails on the west side and on the east side of the large soy bean/cotton/wheat field. In dry weather only, go up the hill about 200 yards and park. Look left and the cemetery is due north of you in the field in the round clump of trees as shown on the aerial map below. You cannot go there in the growing season without harming the crops so plan on visiting this cemetery in November or December and usually no one will care. However if wheat is being planted then that may be growing in the winter. Well if all else fails check with the (owner) farmer.

This cemetery is located on the north side of the rail road tracks and is pointed out by a yellow pointer out in a Soy bean, wheat, or cotton field. Highway 20 is not shown on this map but runs along the bottom of the map out of view.
What you are seeing on this map running at an angle is the Rail Road tracks. Visit this cemetery by walking across the field. Thus you will not harm the growing land by running a vehicle over it.
Maps from MS Streets & Trips 2005 and Map Quest, modified for this site by Wayne Austin 22 Dec 2010.