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BENNETT, Mary, 26 Oct 1808 - 27 Apr 1847. "In the 39 year of her age". Footstone: "M.B." 8618/8619/8620
CRAWFORD, Catherine, 18 Dec 1794 - 2 Jun 1826. Footstone: "C.C.". 8613/8614/8625
CRAWFORD, Samuel C., 11 Jan 1792 - 3 Sep 1826. Footstone: (surrounded by a brick wall.) 8611/8612
JAMAR, Mary Katherine, 2 Apr 1826 - 5 Mar 1845. 8615/8616
MAHONE, Jane, 6 Dec 1804 - 21 Apr 1866. "Mother". (shares stone with Thomas W. Mahone.) 8617
MAHONE, Thomas W., 8 Nov 1835 - 28 Jul 1854. "Brother". (shares stone with Jane Mahone.) 8617
PEETE, Benjamin C., 11 Oct 1830 - 28 Jan 1863. "And entered into rest". (Top of this stone broken off and bottom portion  leaning against a tree 8587/8590/8637
PEETE, Ida L. Taylor, 14 Feb 1854 - 12 Mar 1916. 8592/8593
PEETE, Thomas Mahone, 10 Apr 1855 - 17 Mar 1894. No photo
PEETE, Jeanett Mahone, 28 May 1834 - 29 Mar 1918. "Her children arise up and cal her blessed". 8588/8589
SOUTHARD, Sallie M., 13 May 1860 - 20 Nov 1899. "wife of L. E. Southard". "Although she sleeps Her memory doth live". ** 8591/8593
WORD, William, 29 Jul 1771 - 2 Oct 1851. "In his eighty first year.". Footstone: "W.W.". (stone broken, fallen & uncovered from the ground.) 8601/8603/8600
WORD, Jennet, 28 May 1773 - 31 Jan 1848. "In her 75 year.
(Nee: Jeanette "Jane" Fairbairn; w/o William Word; b. in S.C., d. in Limestone Co. Ref: Caron Waits Footstone: "J.W.". 8598/8599/8604
WORD, Ann, 16 Dec 1795 - 17 May 1847. Footstone: "A.W.". (Laurens Co. S.C. native; d/o William and Jane Fairbairn Word, never married.) 8594C/8594/8595/8630
WORD, James, 16 Nov 1810 - 25 Apr 1847. Footstone: "J.W." (Laurens Co. S.C. native; s/o William and Jane Fairbairn Word; h/o Jane White Word.) 8596/8597/8631/8632
WORD, Jane, d. 1851."consort of James Word","In memory". (Nee: White.) 8585/8586/8633
WORD, Benjamin Neighbors/(Nabors), 17 Feb 1813 - 1 May 1888. "Age 75 yrs, 2 ms. & 14 ds." (h/o Eliza Jane Crutcher Word.) 8583/8584
WORD, Eliza J. (Jane) Crutcher, 1 Oct 1823 - 13 Jul 1899. "wife of Benjamin N. Word", "She was the sunshine of our home", "How desolate our home bereft of thee". 8582
WORD, Frances Jane, d. 30 Sep 1836. "Who depated this life 30 Septr 1836 in the 4 (note the 4 is backward) year of her age.". (d/o William and Elizabeth Bransford Word.) 8606/8607
WORD, Samuel, 17 Feb 1843 - 26 Apr 1843. (Infant s/o William and Elizabeth Bransford Word.) 8605
WORD, William H., 23 Oct 1835 - 30 Sep 1854. (s/o William and Elizabeth Bransford Word.) 8610
WORD, Alice, 19 Jan 1847 - 3 Jul 1854. Footstone: "A.W." (d/o William and Elizabeth Bransford Word.) 8608/8629
WORD, W. B., 17 Jul 1865 - 20 Jun 1912. "Death is eternal........" 8580/8581

These interments of the Word surname are listed o
n Find-a-grave, but no stone was found by Wayne Austin 31 Mar 2010 in his survey:

WORD, E. E., 1904 - 14 Jun 1906. (s/o Edward E. Word, died of typhoid fever on the same day of his father. [Ref, Caron Waits]
WORD, Edward E., 27 Jan 1856 - 14 Jun 1906. (s/o Benjamin and Eliza Crutcher Word, died of typhoid fever.)

** "Sallie M. Peete" was born to Benjamin Clements Peete and Jane Mahone and was married to Loren Eugene Southard.  A child named Eddie Southard was counted in the household of Benjamin Blount Peete on one census report. Caron Waits, San Antonio, TX 2 Jan 2011.

This is a very old cemetery and the stones are standing up better than usual. The William Word & Benjamin Neighbors/(Nabors) Word monuments were the only stones that need gluing with tombstone epoxy glue. Trees falling on them are probably the cause of these fractures. There seems to have been no vandals or farming operations to have damaged many of the stones thus far. There was dense ground cover/growth - enough so that I could have missed something. [C.W.A. 22 Dec 2010]
I visited there again between the growing crops 21 Nov 2011 and glued up the  William Word & Benjamin Neighbors/(Nabors) Word monuments. I found the corner of the Jennett Word stone and glued that back on also. Also probed for the missing parts of the broken Benjamin Peete stone and found several of them, but some are still missing. The adjacent Cherry tree where it was propped against had grown over the stone lodging it into the ground. I freed the stone up by cutting thru the trunk with a chain saw and lifting the stone away from the tree. The stone was then layed upon its back on the base and the missing parts I had found were inserted under the stone so that they would not wash away in a rain storm. Hopefully when all the parts are located glue can be applied to bond all the parts together to make a complete stone.  [C.W.A. 21 Nov 2011]

Typing by Faye Bradford, Programming by Mary B Richardson. Photography by C. Wayne Austin 31 Mar 2010. Added here 22 Dec 2010 by C Wayne Austin. This cemetery was also presented in the book Cemeteries of Limestone Co by Linda Smith on page 375.
Revised 21 Nov 2011 for visit - no new photos.