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Area Views of the cemetery: 8682, 8683

Old House across street that spans back into the 1800s. It is oak board overlaid with Shingles in the 1940/1950 era:  8684

DAWSON, Elizabeth, d. 1831. "aged 73 years."
8680C, 8680, 8681
MOTES, J. (John) W. (Wesley), 28 Dec 1829 - 6 Feb 1902. Military marker: "Corp Co K 49 Ala Infantry Confederate States Army".
8676C, 8676
MOTES, Mary E., 30 Sep 1842 - 14 Nov 1903. "She died as she lived, Trusting in God".
MOTES, Mollie, 9 Oct 1854 - 23 Apr 1892. "wife of C. (Clabourn) R. Motes", "As a wife devoted, As a mother affectionate As a friend ever kind and true". (Nee Mary Smith.)  
8677, 8678, 8679 *
MOTES, Raymond, 22 Oct 1890 - 30 Sep 1902. "son of Wesley & Mary Motes".

* Clabourn R. Motes and 2nd wife Nannie M. (Ursely) Motes are buried in Bottom Cemetery down Hwy 251.

A portion of the cemetery is fenced and has been used to burn trash in the past.
One stone was buried. (Linda Smith's commentary c1993)
The stone of Elizabeth Dawson was outside the fence.  It is propped standing up against a tree. The tree growth pressed against the stone and broke it. Elizabeth Dawson circa 1758 - 1831 is the oldest stone in this cemetery, far older than any of the Motes Stones. You will see an Easter Egg or two in the photos. I happened upon this cemetery just after the Easter Eggs were laid. The owner said it was OK and we agreed I would not move or touch the eggs.  I went ahead with the photography and finished up & left just before the little Easter bunnies came storming to the cemetery looking for eggs. Aw the delicate hazards of this business. (C Wayne Austin 26 Dec 2010)

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin on 3 Apr 2010, Original typing by Faye Bradford 8 Apr 2010, and site linkage & programming occurring on 30 Sep 2010 by Mary Bob McClain Richardson of Birmingham Alabama. Finalized and added here by C. Wayne Austin of Madison Alabama on 27 Dec 2010.