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MORRIS CEMETERY (between county road 49 and Robinson Rd upon a high hill), N.E. LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA

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Area Views: 4746/4747/4748/4749/4750/4751/4752/4753/4754/4777/4778/4779/4780/4781/4782/4784/4785

MORRIS, Shadrick, 8 Aug 1771 - 1 Oct 1848. (Stone broken into fragments and lying on the ground) 4769/4770/4771/4773
MORRIS, Nancy,
14 Feb 1787 - 4 May 1850. wife of S. (Shadrick) Morris; 1st married to Thomas Allen. 4767/4768/ Family History
MORRIS, Infant son
of Lewis & Sarah E. Morris, Born in 1858. 4765/4766
MORRIS, Infant daughter
of Lewis & Sarah E. Morris, Born in 1860.  4763/4762/4764
MORRIS, Lewis,
17 Dec 1819 - 29 Feb 1884. A husband kind, A father dear, A faithful friend is buried here. (Stone lying on the ground.) 4760
MORRIS, Sarah E.,
1 Jan 1831 - 24 Mar 1886. wife of Lewis Morris, _ _ _  Mother dear_ _ (stone broken) 4755/4756
MORRIS, Julia A.,
3 Aug 1853 - 12 Sep 1880. (Stone is broken) 4761/4762
MORRIS, Robert Lewis, Jr.,
28 Aug 1930 - 26 Apr 1995. US Army (military marker) 4774/4775/4776
MORRIS, Colleen,
24 Jan 1940 - no other date (for future use; Listed on stone with Robert Lewis Morris Jr.)  4774
19 Apr 1856 - 20 Aug 1884, wife of I. R. Trotter (d/o Lewis Morris; stone broken) 4757/4758/4759

Strange looking rock sitting on a mound 400 yards north of the Morris Cemetery:  4743/4744/

This cemetery lies in a very peaceful setting. The location is high upon a hill & far from any roads in a cow pasture, but it was properly fenced. Unfortunately in the past at sometime there was no fence so all but the infant stones were broken and the tops lying on the ground. Of course the modern granite monument of Robert Lewis Morris was standing. Most of the fallen stones I stood up for the photography and then laid them carefully back in place afterward. They were all repairable. Among other procedures they must be properly glued to stand. I chose to walk to this cemetery from the Robinson Road (the closest road) and got a good work out climbing up and down the steep hill, while carrying the equipment. That was something like a 500 feet steep climb. well I don't know the exact altitude but it was steep. While I found this cemetery using mapping, I think the owner lives to the west of this cemetery perhaps with property fronting Veto Road and should be consulted.

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin based on a visit 29 Mar 2011 during an overcast day, Original typing by Faye Bradford 8 Apr 2011, and site linkage & programming occurring on 25 Jun 2011 by Mary Bob McClain Richardson of Birmingham Alabama. Finalized and added here by C. Wayne Austin of Madison Alabama on 20 Jul 2011.