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 Area photo Views of the Cemetery: 5727/5728/5747/5748/5753/5754/5755/5757/6781L/6799/6800/6808/6814/6814W/6816/looking at the Newby monuments:6809

CLEM, Benney W.,
6 Dec 1894 - 17 Jan 1895. "Son of J. M. & M. B. Clem." (Note: d.o.b. 1898 after d.o.d. 1895; however I can see a small 4 as in 1898(4) for the birth year, which was an attempt to correct this.) 6807/5733
CLEM, Minnie N.,
19 Oct 1890 - 2 Aug 1892. "Dau. of J. M. & M. B. Clem." 5730/5731/5752/6793
15 Dec 1792 - 4 Apr 1869, Aged 76 Yrs., 3 Ms & 17 Ds.,  Born in Charlotte Co., Va. (Stone recently uncovered): 6773/6772/6781L
CRUTCHER, (Elizabeth) Elizie (McCargo),
21 Sep 1798 - 9 Nov 1838, Aged 40 years, 1 month & 19 Days. (Charlotte, Charlotte Co. Va. native; w/o Reuben Crutcher.) 6779/5738/6780
1 Aug 1825 - 12 Mar 1890. Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace. (s/o Reuben & Elizabeth McCargo Crutcher; h/o Ann Newby.) 6787/6788/5746
CRUTCHER, Parolee O.,
27 May 1837 - 28 Aug 1839.  6777/5736/5737
NEWBY, P.(Patrick) H.(Henry) D.,
8 May 1828 - 28 Sep 1893. At rest. (Chesterfield Co. Va., native; s/o Matthew Newby & Anne Nannie Brooks Newby; h/o Martha Jane Crutcher Newby.)  6796/5732
NEWBY, Martha Jane (Crutcher),
-- May 1833 - 4 Apr 1900. "Wife of P. H. D. Newby. "Footstone: "M. J. N." (Limestone Co. native; w/o Patrick Henry D. Newby; d/o Reuben & Elizabeth Crutcher 6803/6804/footstone M.J.C.:6806/5751
NEWBY, Minnie,
1 Dec 1863 - 14 Jul 1890. "Dau. of P. H. D. & M. J. Newby." Weep not for me. 6790/6792
*JENNINGS, Herman D.,
8 Sep 1906 - 1918
*JENNINGS, L. Vance,
5 Mar 1903 - 1903

Unknown soul/souls/2010: 5735/5739/5740/5741/5742/2016 maybe some of the same stones:6783/6784/6785/6786

Unknown monument. Parts scattered around and buried underground. Includes an ornate roof ridge, a base (or perhaps a top) buried underground and not seen) The strange end pieces lying in photo 6780. Broken box tomb sides are lying on the grave of Elizabeth Crutcher & as far over toward the Parolee O Crutcher grave. When assembled all this may just be a grave cover for Reuben Crutcher or some tomb not yet understood: 6781L/6780

*Records exist that say these two were the children of William W. Jennings & Nannie E. Newby Jennings. They are interred here, but we find no tombstone.

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin on 3 Apr 2010. Original typing by Faye Bradford 7 Apr 2010, and site linkage & programming occurring on 18 Oct 2010 by Mary Bob McClain Richardson of Birmingham Alabama. Finalized and added here by Wayne Austin of Madison Alabama on 27 Dec 2010. Revised to correct the dates for Martha Jane Newby 23 Aug 2011. Retaking of photography and discovery of the Reuben Crutcher memorial occurred on the 28 Apr 2016.