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With this map we see the GPS coordinates also known as the Longitude and Latitude of the Martin Cemetery.

Directions from Athens take Highway 72 west. Go past Mooresville Road to Bradford Road. Turn right (or south) on Bradford Road. Go the top of the hill of junction of Cedar Break Trail Rd. (on the left) terminates into Bradford Road. That is about 500 yards back from where the road bends 90 degrees back to the west.  Look west (or right) out into the field about 300 yards to a clump of trees surrounded by the field. That grove of trees contains the cemetery.

With this map we see the grove of trees out in the big field where the cemetery is located. We have it pointed out with a red check. With permission and no crops to trample on there are times of the year that one can drive out there given it is dry and not muddy.

View standing at the Junction of Bradford Road & Cedar Break Trail. The clump in the center of the photo is the cemetery. The field road needed to get to this cemetery is on the left not in this view. This is a rather large cemetery spread out over the whole tree infected area of about 2 acres.
Maps from Topozone, MS Streets & Trips, & MS Bing mapping modified for this site by C. Wayne Austin 26 Jun 2011.