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LUCAS CEMETERY, (Backwaters of Tennessee River west of Hwy 31) LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA

Mapping the location

Overview photos of the Cemetery: 6668/6669/The GPS locator: 6670
The group of trees where the cemetery reside: 6671
Lucas Cemetery Signage: 6665

LUCAS, John Hobbs, born in Virginia 1785 - 1845. 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, Martha (Ann) Hobbs, born in Virginia 1790 - 1831 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, Edmund N. (Nathaniel), 1822 - 1872. 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, Flora Ann Lewis, 1823 - 1901. 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, John Washington, s/o Edmund & Flora 1844 - 1857. 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, Lawrence, s/o Edmund & Flora' 1855 (Only date, usually this is the death date.) 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, Edmund Nathaniel Jr., s/o Edmund & Flora. 1850 (Only date, usually this is the death date.) 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, Mattie Rebecca, d/o Edmund & Flora' 1848 (Only date, usually this is the death date.) 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, William Malone, s/o Edmund & Flora' 1852 - 1888. 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, Bettie, d/o Edmund & Flora' 1854 - 1855. 6666C/6666/6667
LUCAS, Infants, (3 infant sons of Charles Stuart Lucas) (No dates or other information). 6666C/6666/6667
MALONE, William E., 1808 - 1849. 6666C/6666/6667
HOUSTON, William, s/o Lillian Lucas & Dr. Houston. (No dates or other information) 6666C/6666/6667
KEYS, William,  (No dates or other information) 6666C/6666/6667

Other children of Edmund 4 Flora Lucas were: Lillian Lucas, 1858-1932 (buried in Hartselle), Charles Stuart Lucas, CSA, (buried in Athens); and Hubbard R. Lucas, 1845-1866, CSA, died in a prisoner of war camp, Chase, Ohio, and buried there.

Only one stone stands here under large trees surrounded by a fence which now has gaps in it. The stone read: "Destroyed 1948, Restored 1952". John Hobbs Lucas owned and operated Lucas Ferry crossing the Tennessee River south of Beulah Land and built one of the finest brick Homes in the county at that place. It was torn down by the Tennessee Valley Authority during the 1930s- 1940s.

This is about a mile southeast of the Hatchet Cemetery which was recently (Oct 2012) vandalized three times within a month by a young man bent on total destruction of that old African-American Cemetery. They evidently used cameras to catch him after he kept coming back after repairs were made to repeat the damage. He was not even from that area.

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin on 27 May 2011. Uploaded here on 11 Dec 2012. This cemetery was also presented in the book Tombstone Inscriptions of Limestone County Alabama by Linda H. Smith on page 289, surveyed by her on 28 May 1990. Portions of the following information above were taken from Wheeler Reservoir Cemeteries and TVA removal records supplied by Mr. James L. Douthat, to Linda Smith. This cemetery is not yet presented on, except I did added a couple of photos and main stone for someone to add the listings from that if they so desire.