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This map shows the GPS Coordinates of the Wid Legg Cemetery as plotted by C. Wayne Austin. This is also known as the Latitude and Longitude location. ACME Mapper #2: N 34.98351 W 87.05448. Alternate location: SE quarter, Sect. 4, Township 1, South, Range 5 West - on west side of Upper Bethel Road in woods.

From Athens go out Hwy 127 (Jefferson St.) going north and cross the Elk River and turn left on Leggtown Rd and travel that for about 2 miles and look left at a gate and field road going along the left side of the forest. With permission go into that and follow the field road west and you will see the cemetery up under the trees inside deep inside the forest on your right. There was a restored log cabin on the east side of the cemetery when I was there.

This aerial view shows the cemetery inside a forest on the west side of Upper Bethel Road. The cemetery was maintained when I was there.
Maps from ACME Mapping, MS Streets & Trips, & MS Bing modified for this site by Wayne Austin 16 Dec 2012.