aka Clay-Peete-Robinson Cemetery

Mapping the location

Area views of the cemetery premises: 6526/6527/6528/6529/6530/6531/6532

CLAY, Walter Preston, 7 Dec 1859 - 20 Jan 1863. (not found in this survey)
JONES, John J., b. Virginia 9 Jul 1784 - 1 Nov 1854. He was an honest man. 6525
JONES, Martha, w/o John J., b. Sussex Co., Va. 10 Oct 1792 - 6 Aug 1852. 6517/6518
JONES, Martha B., d/o John J. & Martha 20 Dec 1832 - 1 Aug 1849. 6519/6520/6521/6522/6523/6524
ROBINSON, William W., b. in Sussex Co., Va., removed to Ala. -- Dec 1832, b. -- Mar 1812 - d. 7 May 1850. Aged 38 ... 6511/6512
WILBURN, Benjamin F., son of E. J. & E. O. Preston, 6 Feb 1835 - died in Limestone Ala 6 Aug 1852. 6513/6514/6515/6516

I don't know why the name of this cemetery in the past excluded the name of Jones as a part of its cemetery name. If the cemetery is named after the graves of marked burials Jones is perhaps the oldest and most prominent
name in this cemetery. I did not find the tombstone for Walter Preston Clay, and also there were no Peete graves found here that I know of. I added the name Jones on the front of the previous publisher's naming of this
cemetery even though their authors never found the cemetery to update it. The area of this cemetery was fenced with concrete post and iron railing way back when. The cemetery is large enough for
only about 4 more graves which I could not identify because, the fieldstones if, there ever were any, were abolished long ago by time and neglect.  [C.W.A.]

This is a very old cemetery and all the box tombs are dismantled probably by Vandals in the past. The inscribed tops are all broken up. The general difference between the damage between vandals and trees is that vandals break up the tombs and displace the parts whereas large tree limbs smash them in place except when a large tree falls and a tomb is sitting on the root ball of the tree. In that case the tomb may fall into newly formed hole in the ground and be lost forever. There are only two of the bases still standing but none of the tops are in place. They could still be associated with the graves but it takes some work and studying the grounds.
Complete stone restoration here would be a very difficult task. As long as the inscribed tops stay above the ground there are no gains to be had long term for survival of this cemetery by tombstone restoration.

Please do not disturb the privacy of the nearby neighbor's homes by visiting here unless you get permission in advance. This cemetery is very near private homes. Unless you are a descendent of this cemetery
there is no reason to visit here with the addition of this complete publication.  I promise you, you will see more on this site of this cemetery, than you ever will by an on-site visit because the tombs are hard to identify and
find and even especially hard to read without the special preparation of the stones that I did. [CWA]

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin on 28 Nov 2012. Uploaded here on 4 Dec 2012. This cemetery was also presented in the book Limestone County Alabama Cemeteries by Linda H. Smith on page 1 & 2, surveyed 1 Feb 1992, however the source was from another transcription as she did not locate it. Not presented on

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