Mapping the Location

Area views of the cemetery premises: 6485/6486/6487/6488/6489/6491/6492/6493/Looking around the Thicket for other signs of graves:6503/6504/6505/6506/6507/The tree lined grove-cemetery here: 6508/current subdivision road to the cemetery: 6509/6510

JONES, John W., 7 Feb 1819 - 4 Dec 1846. 6496/6497/Footstone J.W.J.: 6498
JONES, Mary E., 29 Nov 1841 - 3 Mar 1846 6494/Footstone M.E.J.: 6495
JONES, J. W., no dates appears to be a child from the length of the grave cradle. Only a footstone exist: 6499/6500

Unknown (adult?) base - headstone broken off: 6490/6502/6501

The organization of this graveyard is hard to understand with all the broken stones, missing stone parts and two remaining footstones with the same initials J.W.J. There is an unknown headstone base in the far southern side of the front row of graves and it has no visible footstone.  There is a footstone with initials J.W.J. that probably matches up to a small broken (headstone?) base in the second row east behind the footstone M.E.J. The base for the small J.W.J. is missing a mid section so it cannot be matched up to the small broken base further east. This is probably the base for the footstone J.W.J.. This (initials J.W.J.) appears to be a child's grave, but it has no visible headstone. 
The Mary E. Jones stone does match up to its broken footstone forming the proper grave cradle (headstone west - grave - footstone east). However there is a missing mid-section of the footstone. The broken John W. Jones headstone was lying near the base of a tree next to the other footstone J.W.J but there did not appear to be a grave there. I relocated it at the head of an adult grave J.W.J. footstone which matched the 2nd footstone J.W.J. This is the only standing complete footstone and its initials are as mentioned J.W.J., but it was without the headstone. I probed and found as many the broken parts as I could find and put it on the head of the grave just south of baby Mary E. Jones to form a grave cradle there. Of course that left us with a broken headstone base (next grave south) with nothing else found. Most all these graves were covered to some degree in old brick making it hard to probe for lost stones under the soil. All in all there are perhaps stones or parts of stone for as many as four graves, but we only we have two inscribed stones. Of course this makes no accountability for unmarked graves which is difficult to asses here because of being in a dense thicket which I only partially cleared.

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of Wayne Austin on 28 Nov 2012. Uploaded here by C. Wayne Austin of Madison Alabama on 4 Dec 2012. This cemetery was not presented in the book Limestone County Alabama Cemeteries by Linda H. Smith, nor is it presented on


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