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HOUSTON CEMETERY, (In field north of old Hwy 20 west of junction of Mooresville Road), LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA 
aka Beaty-Crenshaw Cemetery

 Mapping the location

Area Views: 6984,6998,6999,7001,7002

BEATY, Jerome,  (Circa 18 Oct 1820) - 27 Dec 1830. "Under this stone lies Jerome Beaty who died on the 27th day of Dec. 1830. Aged 10 years 1 month and 9 days". 6994

BEATY, Lucrecia, (Circa 30 Jun 1811) - 7 May 1822. "Under this stone lies Lucrecia Beaty Who died on the 7th day of May 1822. Aged 10 years 10 months and 27 days". 6985,6986,6987,6990,6991,6992,6993

CRENSHAW, Narcissa, (Circa 22 Oct 1812)- 11 Jul 1833. "21 yrs. 8 mos. 19 dys". 6996

CRENSHAW, Robert F., no dates. "Also her son ..bert F. Crenshaw Aged 22 days" (The box tomb that has Narcissa Crenshaw's inscription also has the inscription for Robert F. Crenshaw, her infant son). 6995,7000

Unknown Box tomb - on the end with the inscription crumbled away.  6997

I am not aware of why this is called the Houston Cemetery. Could it be that there are Houstons' buried here without markers or under destroyed markers. This graveyard was no doubt larger than the area it is allotted now. Years of tilling the surrounding soil has eroded the adjacent depth of the area and and left the cemetery perched upon a small hill. This is a typically abused cemetery by a large farming operation and common in rural cemeteries but never understandable. Linda Smith said she found trash being burned at the end of the stones during her 1990 visit. That heat from a fire would explain the stones crumbling if it were close enough to the stones.

Typing by Faye Bradford, Programming by MB Richardson. Photography by Wayne Austin. Added here 18 Dec 2010 by C Wayne Austin. Where the inscription was gone we relied on past transcriptionist such as Linda Smith in 1990 in the book "Cemeteries of Limestone County, Al"