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Mapping the location

Area Views of Hardin Cemetery: 4967/4972/4973/4974/4975/4976/5009/5010/5011

COLE, Christian,-- Sep 1821 - -- Dec 1891. Fallen on the ground. This stone will not stand as long as cattle is around it to knock it over. 4968/4969
HARDIN, John, 20 Apr 1783 - 4 Jan 1855. 4989/4993/4994/5008
HARDIN, Martha, 18 May 1787 - 21 Oct 1839. 4991/4990/4993/4994/5007
HARDIN, John T., 8 Nov 1820 - 1 Dec 1850. Age 30 years & 20 days. 4992/4993/4994
M______, C., (footstone C. M., no dates or other information) 4978/4979
M______, G. M., (footstone G. M. M., no dates or other information) 4970/4971
OVERMYER, John, 20 Mar 1823 - 1 Sep 1896. (No stone was found in Oct 2010 for this known burial here. Record from 1990.)
OVERMYER, Elizabeth, 5 Dec. 1830 - 2 Apr 1918. (No stone was found in Oct 2010 for this known burial here. record from 1990.)

Fieldstones possibly marking graves: 4981/4982/4983/4997/4999/5001/5002/5003
Fieldstones clearly marking graves: 4977/4984/4985/4986/4995/4996/4998/5000/5006
Piece of a footstone: 4980
Possible piece of a headstone broken into the ground - missing top with inscription: 4987/4988
Broken fragments of headstones or footstones: 5005
Base of a headstone with  missing top section where the inscription resides: 5004

The stones have been broken & dislocated so much in this cemetery that it is hard to tell if they mark graves or not. I present each as if they do though. Only the Hardin headstone monuments are still in their original place and that is because they are the old style that are set deep into the ground.
This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of Wayne Austin on 21 Oct 2010, Original typing by Faye Bradford 23 Apr 2011, and site linkage & programming by Mary B. Richardson. Finalized and added here by Wayne Austin of Madison Alabama on 24 Jun 2011. Also presented in the book Tombstone Transcriptions of Limestone County, by Sheryl B. Smith, Page 194, 1990.