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GAMBLE CEMETERY, (Industrial Park off of Bibb-Garret Rd), LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA 

This map shows the GPS coordinates of the Gamble Cemetery. This map was drawn up before the Industrial Park was established so no access roads were present.

This road map shows the cemetery south of Athens very near Exit 340. To get here Go I-65 & take Exit 340 onto I-565 east and go to Mooresville Exit 2 (2 miles) and go north about 3/4 mile to Bibb-Garret Road. Take that west or left almost to I-65 to NW Endeavor Way into the Industrial park. Turn south there and stop and ask for permission to visit this cemetery at the plant which owns the surrounding land (to stay out of jail, just kidding, but active guards are maintained around the clock here.)

Turn onto NW Venture Circle and go around behind the cemetery which cannot be seen from NW Endeavor Way because it is behind a Leland Cypress Hedge. The cemetery is under a Cell Tower and the grounds are maintained inside a fence.
Maps from MS Streets & Trips 2005 and Map Quest, modified for this site by Wayne Austin 17 Dec 2010