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Notice there are three large limestone slabs in this photo. One upright tombstone also marks the head of the middle slab and 2 field- stones. The Lucy Byrde memorial is being undermined by soil erosion and will eventually slide into the ditch below without maintenance. A load of crushed limestone applied to that bank would solve the problem. The far side of this land has been cleared today (seven years later) and a carpet business resides to our left. The Cedar tree was cut or at least one of the trees was cut and a small white picket fence now surrounds the graves. Just to our left of the upright memorial stands the upright footstone of William M. Donaldson. It is broken and propped against a cedar stump here in this photo.
Photo dated 1 Jun 2002. Posted here 12 Dec 2009. We are looking down Highway 72 West toward the east. The main business district of Huntsville Alabama is about 10 miles in the distance.

This labeled photo is self explanatory. There is a broken footstone for William M. Donaldson propped against the cedar stump with the initials W.M.D. inscribed there.

This updated photo of 14 Dec 2009 shows the cemetery as it is now.
Photos & graphics by Wayne Austin 1 Jun 2002. Added here 12 Dec 2009.