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Three slabs lined up across the bottom of the photo and one upright stone that is the headstone for William M. Donaldson. The William Donaldson monument consists of two parts the Slab grave cover and the upright at the head of the grave and slab. All three of these graves are next to a very busy highway 72.

BYRDE, Lucey, 15 Nov 1793 - 10 Mar 1857.
DONALDSON, William M.,  21 Aug 1805 - 15 Nov 1842. (footstone for William M. Donaldson propped against the cedar stump with the initials W.M.D. ) "a mark of esteem for (the) departed worth this marble, is erected by his wife Nancy Donaldson."
DONALDSON, Nancy, 31 May 1795 - 21 Jun 1859. (wife of William M. Donaldson.) 

There are three large slabs, 1 upright tombstone also marks the head of the middle slab and 2 field- stones. The Lucy Byrde memorial is already being undermined by soil erosion and will eventually slide into the ditch below without maintenance.   Also grass does not grow on the bank south (next to) of Lucey's tomb and there is a danger that without grass the soil will wash away and expose grave remains.

 NOTE: Limestone County Will Book 6, page 224: Will of William N. Donaldson: 'I give to my beloved wife Nancy Donaldson all my estate both real and personal after all my just debts are paid. . . . . . Appoint my wife, the said Nancy Donaldson, my sole executrix. No security required.' Witnesses: A. Whitlock, James Harrison Signed: W. N. Donaldson James C. Elliott 10 Nov. 1842 The 1850 census, page 110, #23 shows Nancy Donaldson, head of household, age 55, born Va.; Lucy Bird, age 56, born Va. (Research done by Eulalia Weldon.)

Added here 14 Dec 2009, from the efforts of Wayne Austin based on site research done 1 Jun 2002. Other sources: Listed in the book Limestone County Alabama Cemeteries. by Linda Smith 1989.