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This cabin was the oldest in Limestone County. It stood until recent vandals burned it.

 Mapping the location

Old Two Story Log House built by Levi Cummings, probably before 1810 making it the oldest home in Limestone County before it was burned by marauding arsonist-vandals.  
Area Views:
8662,8418,8419,8420,8421,8422,8431,8432,8436,8437,8438,8444,8445, 8446,8451,8452,8464,8546,8547,8551
Area Views - the Clem grave Lots Labeled:5238C
New Signage added 8 Sep 2017:0497
A new low budget memorial for Lucy Haynes & Permelia Hall Clem. Their stones are mostly destroyed: 2060CC,2060,2060A,2060B
Restoration effort on 29 Jul 2017/HL Clem:0052,0275,0276,0276W,0277,0292,0473,0474,0475,0476,0477,0478,0479,0480,0481,0482,0483,0484,0485,0486,0488

BOYCE, William A.,
11 Sep 1844 - 20 Sep 1848.
CLEM, H. (Hezekiah) L.,
10 Apr 1866 - 8 Apr 1905. At rest, son of J. M. & J. N. Clem, T'was hard to  . . . . But thy will O. . . . .. Footstone: "H. L. C.". Update: Hezekiah L. "Hezzie" Clem b. 10 Apr 1866 in Sardis Springs AL, died 8 Apr 1905. Never Married.
8647,8648,8669,8447,8448,8455,8648,8669,8454,After Repair: 4044C,4044C1,repaired again after vandal re-broke it: 0052
Joseph Michael,
9 Jan 1829 - 12 Jan 1923 (This stone is beside his wife Joanna N. Martin Clem. Broken top of monument was found in the Joseph M Clem grave sink JOSEPH M. CLEM BORN JAN  9,  1829. DIED JAN 12, 1923, "His toils are past his work is done He fought the fight the victory won."; Inscription proven with the help of information found in "Clem Family History", by Dee Clem: Joseph Michael Clem buried in Cummings Cemetery, Also Joanna and Thomas Martin Clem, detailed names.  *0473C,0270,0273, before finding top:8457C,8457,8458
CLEM, J. N. (
Joanna N. Martin), 24 Jul 1837 - 8 Mar 1888. "wife of J. M. (Joseph Michael) Clem", ".. has fought a good fight, she has finished her course, and has kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid for her a crown of Righteousness", "Morriss Bros. Memphis"  8460,8673,8671,8459,5245
CLEM, J. W. (John Wesley?),
1 Mar 1820 - 1 Jun 1873.
8668,8453,8455, Clem Genealogy Commentary
CLEM, John C.,
11 Oct 1848 - 25 Jul 1854. "son of John & Sarah Clem"; (Son of John Wesley Clem and Sarah A. Hall Clem.) 8670,8449,8450
CLEM, Thomas M. (Martin), 14 Nov 1861 - 18 Jun 1885. "son of J. M. & J. N. Clem". 8672,8673,5246
CLEM, Permela,
2 Sep 1823 -  8 Jun 1848. (daughter of John D. Hall and Frances (unknown) Hall). Just a fragment of the stone is left today with some of the inscription "Sacred to the memory of Parmela Clem, Daughter of . . . . . . .  & Frances . . . . . Born Sept . . . . . . . . . (I set in place a cinder block segment at the spot I dug up this fragment of the tombstone and added it to the spot I reserved for preserving fragments like this beside the broken Naomy Keys Cummings memorial.) Update: George Milton Clem was born 1824 in Madison Co, AL, he married (1) Permelia S. Hall 4 Dec 1845, in Limestone Co, AL., She was born 2 Sep 1823 in SC, daughter of John D. Hall and Frances (unknown) Hall, Permelia died 8 Jun 1848, buried in Cummings Cem. Athens, AL.
5273,5235,new monument:2060CC,2060,2060A,2060B
CUMMINGS, Ann Linch,
8 Jun 1797 - 2 Mar 1827. "Consort of Levi Cummings".
24 Oct 1776 - 5 Sep 1840. (Halifax Co. Va. native; 1st mar. Naomy Keys Cummings, 2nd mar. Ann Linch Cummings; Ref: e-mail to Mary Bob from Wm. Scott Deaver )
8429,8663,8428,8430,footstone L.C.:5255
CUMMINGS, Naomy Keys,
24 Oct 178- - 10 Jul ----, (24 Oct 1782 - 10 Jul 1819) "Consort of Levi Cummings" 8664,8665,8434,8435,8439,5249
HALL, Francis, 
1 Jan 1794 - 23 May 1840. "Consort of John D. Hall", "Aged 46 years 4 months & 22 Days". 8667,8442,8443
HALL, Martha L.,
5 Feb 1858 (or 1838)  -  28th A_ 1859. 5257,8415,8416,8417,8660,8426,8427
HALL, Loueza V.,
22 Apr 1859 - 28 Jun 1861. "dau. of L. F. & Mary J. Hall".
8 Feb 1810 - 4 Jun 1840, 30 yrs, 3 mos. 27 dys, daughter of Gideon & Francis (Haynes). We can make out only this bit of inscription remaining today: SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF . . . . . . . . Y Haynes, Daughter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . " Another fragment that could belong here . . . . . . . . . . . .  184_,  _ _ _ ars (years) 9 (months) . . . . . . . Days". However the 9 months is in conflict with previous researchers who found 3 months.  5262,5250, new monument:2060CC,2060,2060A,2060B
Jan 11, 1876 - Apr 24, 1908. (concrete marker -only the mid section was found) 0055,0261,0267,0268,0057,0279,0282
SCRIMPSHER, William Flem
, 23 Mar 1839 - 15 Oct 1902. Masonic Emblem. Military Marker: "William F. Scrimpsher Pvt   Co F 4th Ala Inf. Confederate States Army".  8656,8404,8405,8650
, 7 Oct 1837 - 29 Jun 1910. Military marker: "Capt Wards Batt Ala Lt Arty Confederate States Army." (Inside iron fence.)  
SCRIMPSHER, Malissa Jane Ridley,
17 Feb 18(6 or 7?)4 - 16 Apr 1900. "wife of W. F. Scrimpsher".
21 Feb 1830 - 7 Apr 1911.  8659,8412
25 Dec 1842 - 31 Oct 1872.
SCRIMPSHER, Sary Elizabeth,
6 Jan 1876 - 28 Dec 1876. 8399,8398,8655
SMITH, James K. P.,
18 Aug 1845 - 12 Oct 1865. Military marker: "Pvt Co. C 26 Ala Infantry, Confederate States Army". (son of Roland & Sarah Elizabeth Henry Smith.)
SMITH, William R.,
12 Oct 1857 - 17 Feb 1883. Footstone: "W.R.S." (son of Roland & Sarah Elizabeth Henry Smith.) 8651,8652,8469,8654

Unknown soul fieldstone marked grave:8433

Stone fragment & unreadable stone:
"184_......ars 9.......Days." 8548,8549,8550
*This stone (top) was
dug from the underneath the ground 29 Jul 2017. It was about 18 inches deep inside the grave sink. I used probe and got that familiar "dink" sound as the point of the probe struck solid stone.
Located on Copeland Road near the house built by Levi Cummings, probably before 1810. 
Most of the stones were broken and scattered around by Vandals in the past and that is what I found on the first visit - I made several attempts at repairing the grave stones and cleaning the cemetery. The gravestones may not be in their exact original place over the grave, but I have made an attempt to reassemble as many of the fragments and glue up some of the ones most easily fixed, including major attempts at stone restoration on HK Clem and generally the Clem family. Some have since been vandalized again as folks visit and push on the stones breaking some of them again. I stacked all the fragments that had inscription on them which could not be matched to stone under the standing stone of Frances Hall. CWA.

If you visit this cemetery please do not harm or touch any of these stones. They continue to be fragile, but should last hundreds of years if left alone assuming the trees do not drop limbs on them. These folks are not my ancestors, but I have much time & supplies invested in this restoration that I have done via philanthropic means. I should not catch anyone abusing this cemetery lest I lose my temper and regret a confrontation (well actually call the law). But by all means I applaud anyone to go there in gentility and enjoy this historic place if you wish. The HK Clem, Flem Schrimpcher, & William R. Smith memorials have been broken again probably because the SCV placed confederate flags over their graves. They were Confederate Veterans. Folks this is reflection of their history (not anything to ruffle your feathers at) so leave the confederate flags & monuments alone. If not I'll send Snuffy Smiff with his shooting m'arm afta ya! He might get confused into thinking a perpetrator is Bugs Bunny in his garden patch" HA!

Original Programming by MB Richardson. Photography by C. Wayne Austin. Added here 17 Dec 2010. 5XXX photo series made after restoration 19 Jul 2011. Clem family listing and genealogy updates from Jo Graf: Tue, Aug 23, 2011, as found in the book: "Clem Family History", by Dee Clem. Updated again 14 Feb 2012 by info from Cliff Cumins to display the history on the Levi Cummings house. Revised again 1 Mar 2014 adding some genealogy on the Clems'.
Actually each new series of photo numbers represent a new repair as I continue to restore this cemetery to the best of my ability using low budget but approved procedures. Restorations continue on this cemetery even if some of them are second attempts at getting the stones standing. Two more stones were added after another visit on 29 Jul 2017. Work continues. I had no idea that so much information would be uncovered from that brushy patch. Hardly any stones were showing in 2007 when I went there first. Had to cut my way into there to find everything so far found.